Cinnamon Roll Cookies.

I have been on a bit of a healthy baking streak lately. With help from this wonderful website filled with yummy recipes. Clean body, clean mind, that kind of thinking.
But sometimes a girl just needs her sugar. AmIRight?!

I felt like baking cinnamon rolls, which are filled with the sugar I wanted, but I didn’t have enough flour. So I made cookies that look just like cinnamon rolls. Best. Idea. Ever.

Ingredients I used:
– 225 gram butter (I used unsalted plant based butter)
– 150 gram sugar
– 1 ts vanilla sugar
– 1/4 ts salt
– 300 gram flour
– cinnamon, and lot’s of it.
Kitchen utensils I used:
– bowl
– electronic scale
– electronic mixer
– silicone baking spatula
– plastic kitchen foil
– rolling pin
– knife
– baking paper
– baking tray

Handy tip when rolling cookie dough, place the dough between two sheets of plastic foil.



1) mix the butter, sugar and vanilla into a creamy paste.
2) add the flour and the salt and mix into an even dough.
3) roll half the dough into a thin strip with your rolling pin. This is easiest when you place the dough between two sheets of plastic foil.
4) take off the top bit of plastic foil, and put as much cinnamon as you like on the dough. I added about 1 1/2 tablespoon I think. (or maybe two, I don’t know, I just did what felt right, which was a buttload, cause I love me some cinnamon)
5) use the bottom plastic foil to roll up your dough. Think like a sushi master and you’ll get it. Make sure there aren’t bits of air in your roll. This is an important part, so feel free to take about an hour to do it, it’s all about the results here people.
6) repeat steps 3 through 5 with the other half of the dough.
7) place your rolls in plastic foil and let them cool in the fridge for at least an hour.
8) don’t be the douche who thinks he’s better than the cooling off period. You’re not.
9) take out your two rolls and slice of cookies as thick as you like. (mine were between 5 and 10 mm thick)
10) place the cookies on a baking tray lined with baking paper in a pre-heated oven at 175 degrees Celcius for 15-20 minutes.
11) restrain yourself from eating while the cookies cool off for at least five minutes.
12) enjoy!


The ‘It will never become summer in Holland, and with the eurocrisis we can’t afford to fly to the sun, so our bathing suits can stay in the closet this year’ High Tea

I put animals on the quiche I made
No animals were harmed in the making of this quiche.

No High Tea is complete without scones, jam and cream
No High Tea is complete without scones, jam and cream

Yesterday I had a high tea with some of my lovely friends. We all made something to eat. And we ended up having so much food that we ate till we were sick of it. I made this lovely pumpkin quiche. Being vegetarian, I left out the ham and replaced it with other types of nuts. It’s super yummy!

The ‘screw bikini’s!’ High Tea was such a nice way to share recipes and have a good time together.
And since the weather in Holland sucks big time, it doesn’t matter that we ate loads and therefor don’t have a ‘perfect bikini body’ this summer. ;D After all, more true words than these have never been spoken. I say, many more of these ladies! Yumyum!

Ida Frosk Breakfast Cookies

I’m a big fan of instagram, and one of the people I love to follow there is @idafrosk. Remember when you were younger, and the grown ups told you, you were not allowed to play with your food?! Ida proves that this was the worst advice to ever give to a person! She makes the most amazing, cute and healthy breakfasts.
And apart from her instagram, you can now also find her, and her wonderful food art at her blog! Where about a week ago she posted a recipe for healthy breakfast cookies.
I just had to try them out. I mean, cookies, healthy and breakfast combined. That’s just about my three favourite things about food combined! (okay, okay, I dont always eat and love healthy food… But I do like it ;D)

First you have a banana, then you make it into squished banana and all that is left is to add half a cup of oatmeal!
First you have a banana, then you make it into squished banana and all that is left is to add half a cup of oatmeal!

I would say check Ida’s blog for the proper recipe, but the photo above kind of explains everything you need to know, haha.
Suuuuuper easy! Yay!

I made one batch with coconut, one with dades and one plain. Bep was much intrigued by these choices.
If you have the amount of cookie cutters that I do. Any excuse to use them is a good excuse.
If you have the amount of cookie cutters that I do. Any excuse to use them is a good excuse.
Squishing the batter into an easter shape. Makes sense this weekend right?!
Squishing the batter into an easter shape. Makes sense this weekend right?!

15 minutes and 175 degrees later, the smell that comes into the kitchen is an excuse to make these bad boys every day. YUM! And the taste is wonderfull! I especially loved the coconut ones, and next time I bake them, I think I’ll combine the coconut and dade. And maybe some with some dark chocolate shavings? Perhaps some maple syrup? Hazelnuts?!? Hmmmm, can’t wait to have some more overripe bananas! Yum!

Cookies for breakfast. HECK YEAH!
(plus some apple with chia seeds and hemp hearts, yumyumyum)

Anyone using instagram?! Go follow @idafrosk for great food art!
And while you’re at it, add @nnkmll as well πŸ˜‰

Veggie Out-Of-Season-Pumpkin Burgers

I can hear you thinking “A pumpkin recepy in march?! Whutwhutwhut?!” And you’re absolutely right, it’s not really the pumpkin season. But when I saw the supermarket had these cute little pumpkins I just couldn’t resist to try out this recipe!

Grocery list

– 500g pumpkin
– 55g hazelnuts
– 5 slices of bread
– 1/2 table spoon of curry paste (or use more if you like it spicey!)
– teaspoon of salt
– a good hand full of finely chopped coriander
– 2 beaten eggs

– oil for baking

Kitchen supplies
– kitchen scale
– kitchen machine with the grading supplies and the mixing supplies
– bowl
– knife
– cutting board
– little bowl + fork to beat the eggs
– stove + pan
I love eating pumpkins, but I hate the cutting of pumpkins...
I love the eating of pumpkins, but I hate the cutting of pumpkins…

1) Cut the pumpkin in half, get the seeds out. Cut the pumpkin in slices and take of the skin.
2) Grate the pumpkin slices with your kitchen machine. Or, if you’re feeling like torturing yourself; use a hand grater.
3) Pat youself on the back for the hard work, the pumpkin horror is now over.
4) Roast your hazelnuts in a dry pan and chop them finely. Crumble your bread in your kitchen machine and add the chopped hazelnuts.
5) Stir the curry paste, salt and coriander in the bread mixture.
6) Add the bread mixture to the pumpkin and throw the eggs in while you’re at it.
7) Mix and knead everything together and put the mixture in the fridge to cool down for about 30 minutes.
8) clean up the mess you made in your kitchen so far.
9) Take bits of the mixture and turn it into whatever shapes you want.
10) Bake the burgers in oil for 10-12 minutes.
11) ENJOY!

Handy little thing
Handy little thing

I made oval burgers, little balls and round burgers.
I made some burgers oval, because I had bought yummy oval buns to go with the burgers. The little balls I made to have with some rice and veggies some day. Seemed like a good combination to me.
Obviously I made way too much for just one person, but this is why I have a freezer. Ah yeah.


The burgers turned out SO yummy! The coriander, the hazelnut, the pumpkin, ZOMG awesome combinations!
I’m digging this ‘eating healthy and making things from scratch’ thing I’m trying out since a few months. Feels good to know what you’re eating, instead of the pre-made store bought vegetarian burgers! Don’t get me wrong, I do not have the energy to cook all homemade food every day unfortunately. But I try it as much as I can.
Ideally I would’ve had this with homemade bread… But I’m taking it one step at a time.

The only downside to this recipe is the eggs. I’m not a vegan, but I’m trying out vegan cooking more and more. It seems like there should be an easy substitute for the eggs in this recipe. Any of you vegans out there got a good suggestion for me!? I’d love to hear your ideas to make this recipe completely animal-free!

Burger and cucumber fries.
Burger and cucumber fries. Blurry because I was hungry. Obviously.

Buttercream Cake Fun Time.

Baking is one of my favourite things to do in my kitchen and I often find inspiration for pies and cakes looking through my baking books and surfing the web. I love the beautiful cakes and little fun cupcakes you can find everywhere. A cake I saw on tumblr a while back was the inspiration for today’s experiment.

I started by baking the cake
I started by baking the cake

I bake cakes the way my mommy tought me.
200gr butter, 200gr sugar, mixed together. Four eggs, mixed in one at a time. And 200gr flower with baking powder. 60 minutes at 175degrees. Easypeasy, super delicious.
Today I added some green food colouring. Cause coloured cake is the best cake.

Then it was time to make the cream. Something I hadn’t done before.
So I decided to experiment with two different recipes I had found, to see which one I liked best to use more in the future.


– 300 gram icing sugar
– 120 gram butter
– pink food colouring
– a few drops of water

I added a little water, cause for some reason I was unable to make a nice smooth paste without it. The few drops of water worked their magic. Providing me with a smooth paste.
I decided to add some glitter as well, which unfortunately didn’t really show in the final result.


– 300 gram icing sugar
– 2 tablespoons of creamcheese
– orange food colouring

This was muuuuuuccchhhh easier to make into a smooth paste. No drops of water needed.

A little trick I learned from tv, put your piping bag in a measuring cup for easypeasy piping bag filling fun!
A little trick I learned from tv, put your piping bag in a measuring cup for easypeasy piping bag filling fun!

I cut my big cake into two small cakes, which allowed me to have one cake for each cream. All the leftover bits of cake are now frozen in my freezer for a cake-snack-craving I might have some day, heck yeah.

Pipe away!
Let the cream experiment begin!

The buttercream/pink one, was perfect for piping, it stayed firm and in shape while I was trying my best to make little roses. It was easy to handle, and the result was better than I expected.
The creamcheese/orange one, was not so perfect… My hands heated the cheese, which made it too runny to make any pretty things with it. I made it into a little spikey cake, which ended up looking okay, but it didn’t stick to the cake as much as I would have liked.
Can you guess which one I would use again in the future?!?! πŸ˜‰


Wait what. Did I do this?! Did I make this glorious beautiful pink rose cake?! WHUTWHUTWHUT?!

So yeah.
I am Very Happy with the results! Even the orange spikey cake looks much cuter than I thought it would while I was fumbling about with the creamcheese.
I hope I’m going to make many more pretty cakes with the buttercream from now on! Hurra!

I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I just really hate plants.

Despite what this blog title says, I did stop eating meat because of my love for animals. Learning about how we treat our animals, the junk we feed them, the hormones they recieve, the constant cruelty. I couldn’t bare to be a part of that anymore. So I decided to stop eating meat. (dutchies looking for more info on animal rights etc. Check these awesome people out.)
Having only been a vegetarian since last may, I’m pretty new to this. But I must say, it comes so easy. I have absolutely no problem with not eating any meat anymore. The idea of eating a dead animal is starting to freak me out more and more to be honest.

But sometimes you still want something that resembles the taste of meat. I’ve heard people talk about that being hypocritical. To them I say, GOOD DAY SIR. I SAID, GOOD DAY!
One thing I sometimes miss is a good meatball. Veggie balls can be tasty, but its never the same.
UNTIL NOW! Hahaha.
My mommy got me an awesome vegan cookbook for my birthday, and the first recipe I tried was for these vegan meatballs. The main ingredient is bread. Which seemed really weird, but it turns out very delicious!

All this turn into veggie meatballs. Can you imagine.
Β All this turn into veggie meatballs. Can you imagine.
– 7 leaves of whole weat bread
– 1 medium onion, peeled and chopped
– 1 clove of garlic, peeled and chopped finely
– a splash of soy milk (I didn’t have any, so I used water instead)
– a good splash of olive oil
– a handfull of parsley, chopped
– nutmeg (best is to use fresh graded nutmeg, I had the powder, works fine for me)
– ground pepper
– 2 teaspoons of marmite
Kitchen supplies:
– Kitchen machine, with a good knife
– Pan

1) Put all the bread in the machine and grind it to fine crumbs.
2) add the onion and the garlic and mix together.
3) add the parsley, marmite, oil and soymilk (or water if you’re me)
4) add a good amount of seasoning (nutmeg, pepper) to your taste.
5) Grab bits of the mixture and make them into little balls (Too dry?! Add milk/water. Too wet?! Add bread)
You should be able to make around 12 little balls of this amount of bread.
6) Bake them in the pan with oil/butter till they’re brown and delicious.
Beware! They burn easily, keep rolling them around, and keep your eye on them!

Mix it all together!
Mix it all together!

Enjoy them as a snack with some sauce, or with your dinner. I had them with some fries and homemade ‘appelmoes
I was surprised with the taste and the texture. They were the closest to old fashioned dutch meat balls I’ve had so far. (but as I said, I’m new to this, lot’s to learn!)
They are quite filling though, so I advice you not to eat too many!
(Luckily they’re perfect for freezing, to save for some other time!)

Bakey Bakey
Bakey Bakey

Nutty Chocolate Chip Maple Syrup Cookies

I absolutely love baking. And now that I’m home quite a lot, being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and all, baking is one of my favourite things to do.
I had never tried these cookies before, but they turned out really jummy ❀

– 150 gram lightbrown caster sugar
– 2 tablespoons of maple syrup
– 170 gram soft salted butter
– 1 egg, beaten
– 280 gram plain flower
– 40 gram chopped nuts (recipy said macademia,
but I used a variation of different nuts)
– 60 gram chocolate balls
Kitchen utensils:
– bowl
– scale
– electronic mixer
– wooden spoon
– plastic kitchen foil
– knife
– baking paper
– baking tray

1) mix the caster sugar, maple syrap and butter together. Keep mixing while you add the egg.
2) add the flower, nuts and chocolate. Stir everything together with a wooden spoon.
3) make a long roll of the dough, wrap it in plastic foil and put it in the fridge to rest for 5-6 hours.
4) take the long roll of dough and slice it in 1/2cm slices. Put the slices on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
5) bake them in a preheated oven for 10-20 minutes at 190degrees (recipe said 10 minutes, but mine needed about 20 to give them a little colour. It all depends on your oven, just keep an eye on them while they’re in there.)
6) let your freshly baked cookies cool down, and try not to eat all of them in one go.

That’s it, nutty chocolate chip maple syrup cookies! Enjoy!