A capykiss and a buttload of plants


I had to cancel my Artis Zoo membership. I was not able to go as much as I would like, so the best thing to do was to cancel it.

In january, my dad and I went to the Zoo with my membership card one last time. Kind of like a last hurra, if you will.
It was a really great day, loads of my fav animals came out to say hi. And all the plants were absolutely beautiful. I shot a roll of film to commemorate the occassion, and most of the shots turned out really well. Could this be the revival of my analog love I’ve been waiting for? I really hope so <333


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Bye 2016

Well well well. It’s been another year hasn’t it? Whooooo boy.

Another year with profound sadness, and absolute happiness. Loneliness, true love, isolation, family, big changes, friendship. A little bit of everything.

And just like last year, I don’t feel like writing a long essay about it, but I couldn’t let it go unnoticed either. So here are 16 pictures of 2016, one from every filmroll I shot this year.

Camera: Praktica Super TL2 Film: Lomography color 800

Started the year drinking ginger and lemon tea on my bed. This year has been all about finding peace in my life, both physical and mental. Happy to say I have succeeded in finding both.

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Veluwe <3


This summer Kevin and I went to the Veluwe. We rented a wheelchair bike, and saw how beautiful our country can be. It was absolutely perfect, because the heather was in full bloom and there were purple carpets all through the forest.  So magical ❤

Unfortunately my camera had some trouble with the film, so the first few shots were all accidental double exposures. They turned out kinda pretty tho, so I ain’t mad.




Me dreaming of two Kevins?!
Me dreaming of two Kevins?!

Camera: Voigtländer Vito CL
Film: Kodak Ektar 100 35mm

Black and white autumn

I used to always take pictures when I was out, a hike through nature, exploring a new city, exploring my own city, having fun, being with friends.
And then I realised, that this is the exact reason why I took so very few pictures these last few years (well, very few analogue pictures at least). So I decided to start documenting my housebound life with my cameras as well.







The black and white makes it extra omnimous I guess, haha. But there’s a lot of good times in these as well. Game nights ftw ❤

Camera: Nikon Lite Touch AF
Film: Fomapan 400


A lot of my films went horribly wrong this year. Most of which got stuck in the camera, or the other way round, got loose in the camera, meaning no picture was taken.
This one ended up being way darker than I thought it would be. But it still managed to capture the best sunset I had ever seen.


Camera: Lubitel 2
Film: Kodak Ektacolor Pro Gold 1000 exp 1999