A week in the life of, pt2 – vlog

Hello friends ❤

I put some music over part two of the weekvlog, and here it is! It's a bit more me talking, which can be nice if that's your jam. If not, sorry not sorry, there's still lot's of cute cat shots in between the talking to make up for it though.
(also there's my sweet mother helping me, a pretty awesome houseparty, my sweet sweet friends, my kick ass sister, and even more cute cat shots.)

And I promise I'll come back after christmas to write a proper blogpost about what I've been up to the past year (spoilers: not a lot)


A week in the life of, pt1 – vlog

Oof. Well. Hello there.

Sheez it’s been a hot minute since I was on here.

In my last post I talked about how 2016 had been QUITE the year. Lol.
Little did I know what 2017 had in store for me. *insert poop emoji*

I’m not super into talking about the shitstorm that is 2017 rn tho. So let’s just watch Part One of a lil’ weekvlog I made recently! Yay!

Yuuuuuup, I’m still super poorly, and my life is pretty deng boring, but I hope you enjoyed watching it anyway. See you soon for part two! =*

How to live with CFS: in theory. GET.

For the past couple of posts I’ve been looking back at therapies I’ve had, the ideas behind them, and how I feel about them now. You can read ‘How I got ill’ and ‘Pacing’ at those links. Right now, I’m going to delve into GET.

Pacing is all about not putting too much pressure on your body. Always staying well below your body’s limitations and doing about 50% of what you are capable of doing. It is about resting your body, and giving it the time and space it needs te recover. To completely counter that, therapists also recommend GET, or Graded Exercise Therapy. This is the exercise or fitness bit of therapy for CFS/me.
It’s a fairly simple concept. You pick any exercise of your choice, start slow for a short amount of time, and slowly increase your time/weight/etc. The idea is that this will not put too much extra stress on your body. But you are still working up your strength and stamina.

(please note again how pacing was about not doing too much, while this talks about  constantly increasing what you are doing. Yup. Makes total sense. Nothing confusing about these things. Okay. Moving on.)

GET (Graded Exercise Therapy)

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Day of resting – vlog

Hey cuties! To break the amount of large text posts, I thought I’d share a vlog I made a couple of months ago. It’s taken me a while to edit it, but I finally finished it, yay.

It’s a bit of a boring day, and I wasn’t sure if I should share it or not, but since this is normal life for me, I figured it was worth sharing after all. Real life with Annika and all that jazz.

So there you go, a shaky, wobly vlog, with pretty crappy sound and video quality. Hurra.
Expect loads of kitties, cups of tea and resting. Oh and Kevin coming over for dinner and cheering me up, yesh ❤

How to live with CFS: in theory. Pacing.

A while back I tried to make sense of all the information in my brain regarding how I may have gotten as ill as I am now. Today I’m going to try and do the same regarding one of the main physical therapies concerning my illness; Pacing.

The main idea behind pacing is to always do less than you are capable off, so you can ‘store energy’ for later use.
My therapists explained to me that I need to pace myself in order to get more energy. Which meant that I should always use about half of the energy and strength I have in me. Which will result in saving up energy. Which will result in a gradual build up of energy. Which will result in ‘getting better’.

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How to live with CFS: in theory. How I got ill.

So yeah, this chronic illness that I have is very, very misunderstood. It has been misunderstood for many years, and will probably be misunderstood for many more to come.
However, there is more and more talk about it in the medical community. More and more doctors are realising that it is in fact a ‘real’ illness. (as if there are fake ones?!) More and more people are talking about it. More and more people are taking it seriously.

And with all this talk about it, come more people trying to understand it, which brings even more misunderstanding.
Let it be clear before I delve into everything else: nobody is certain what can and will actually help people with CFS, because you need to understand the cause of an illness, to truly cure it. But more and more people are coming up with their own way of ‘fixing’ it.

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How to: live with CFS. Doing all the therapies.

I’m pretty sure it’s been well established on this blog that I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, how it has affected my life so far, how this illness feels in my everyday life, and all the frustrations that come along with it.

So knowing all that, you can’t help but wonder; What am I currently doing to try and rehabilitate into somewhat of a normal, healthy life?!
Well, that’s what I’m going to talk about in this here blogpost, aweyisss.
All the therapiesssss, yiiiisssssssss.
Massive blogpost nobody will ever read fully, cause it’s so freaking long, yiiiissssssssssssss.

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