Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s my birthday today!

This year it’s going to be a little weird, because not only is it my birthday, it is also my uncles birthday, and it is also that same uncles funeral today. Kinda poetic, don’t you think? His life and death so close together on this day.
I’m not feeling particularly festive today, and we’re holding off any presents and party time till tomorrow and a few weeks from now. But it’s still my birthday today, so I made myself a cake either way :3

Okay, I still prefer real cake. Because it’s the best. Ever. So I’m going to have some tomorrow. But this was still pretty fun to do ^-^
(And yes, thanks to pacing, and a lot of patience, I can now draw again every once in a while! Yay!)


(UPDATE october 2016; this video was deleted because of copyright infringement)


So long 2014

There are a million and one things I could say, and about five million photos to go along with those words. (and any one who knows me, knows I’m not lying about those five million photos, whoops) But the only thing that matters right now. Is that I made two goals for 2014.
1) Make a photo diary every month.
2) complete my one sketch a day book.
I’m proud to say, that I completed both of my goals.
And the fact that I’m too tired to even think about anything else this year, doesn’t really matter. ‘Cause for now; this is enough. And if that isn’t symbolic for how my year has been. I don’t know what is.

So HECK YEAH for me. And HECK YEAH, bring on 2015. 2014 didn’t suck as much as 2013 did. So 2015 might be even better. Here’s hoping.
Have a good one tonight lovelies, be safe ❤ Happy New Year ❤

(And there will be a bigger, and much better post about my life right now soon, I promise! For now: all the hugs and kisses :*)

Tea creatures


I’ve been drawing a lot lately, but most of it feels like practicing, which is why I haven’t shared in a while. Trying to step up my game first.

But I made this little drawing for my friend Maartje, and I kinda liked it, so I thought I’d share it. =)

Drawings: Alcea.

Alcea, or, hollyhocks.
My favourite flower, which can be found pretty much everywhere in the city during summer ❤
Last sunday I collected some seeds from a near black one (it's really an extremely dark purple), I’m going to grow the crap out of that on my balcony next spring. Awe Yeah.

PS please excuse my dinosaur scanner for messing up colours. Again. Maybe I should just take photos of my drawings instead of using my scanner. It’s so old and senile. -_-