Bye 2016

Well well well. It’s been another year hasn’t it? Whooooo boy.

Another year with profound sadness, and absolute happiness. Loneliness, true love, isolation, family, big changes, friendship. A little bit of everything.

And just like last year, I don’t feel like writing a long essay about it, but I couldn’t let it go unnoticed either. So here are 16 pictures of 2016, one from every filmroll I shot this year.

Camera: Praktica Super TL2 Film: Lomography color 800

Started the year drinking ginger and lemon tea on my bed. This year has been all about finding peace in my life, both physical and mental. Happy to say I have succeeded in finding both.

Camera: Praktica Super TL2 Film: Lomography color 800

Kevin took me to his parents little holiday cabin. And the sunsets were pastel and beautiful.

Camera: Praktica Super TL2 Film: Kodak Ultramax 400

My trusty Praktica failed me, ate up my entire filmroll, and this was the multiple exposure mess that came out of it. Felt like throwing all my cameras in a canal after this tbh. The downside to analog photography, oof.

Camera: Kodak Box Brownie Film: Fujifilm pro 400

Visited my grandmother, and had a little nap in her chair ❤

Camera: Lubitel 2 Film: Kodak Ektar 100

My mother is the best mother in the whole world, and she took me to Rhodos. Again. Where every evening we got to see a perfect sunset. Again. ❤

Camera: Lubitel 2 Film: Kodak Ektar 100

We went to the same hotel as in 2015, and the hotel garden was as beautiful as we remembered it being ❤

Camera: Nikon Lite Touch AF Film: Kodak Ektar 100

We even managed a little trip into Rhodos city, where we had tea in the most perfect little courtyard.

Camera: Nikon Lite Touch AF Film: Kodak Portra 160

I felt relaxed and capable and at peace the whole trip. It was perfect.

Camera: Nikon Lite Touch AF Film: Agfaphoto CT precisa 100

Back home Kevin and I celebrated our two year anniversary by going to the beach, renting a beachwheelchair (!!) and having french fries and ice cream ❤

Camera: Nikon Lite Touch AF Film: Fuji Pro 400

In the end of august Kevin and I went on a little holiday in our own country. During which we rented a wheelchair bike (!!) and got to see the beauty that is De Hoge Veluwe ❤

Camera: Voigtländer Vito CL Film: Kodak Ektar 100

The last weekend of our holiday we slept in a hotel in Wageningen, where we had our own jacuzzi and this was the view from our bed.

Camera: Nikon Lite Touch AF Film: Kodak something, completely forgot which one

On the last day of our trip we visited Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, where the light was perfect, my boyfriend was perfect, and we rented a mobility scooter so I could drive myself around, which was, you guessed it, almost perfect.
(would’ve been entirely perfect had it not been absolutely terrifying with all the people around, taking every ounce of concentration I had, and draining me of all my energy. But other than that, yeah, perfect)

Camera: Kodak Box Brownie Film: Ilford HP5plus, exp 2000

Saying goodbye to old things and good times

Camera: Olympus AF10super Film: Fujicolor Superia 200 exp 2014

Welcoming new things and looking forward to new memories

Camera: Chinon CS Film: Agfaphoto VistaPlus 400

Eating christmas cake with Kevin’s wonderful family

Camera: Diana F+ Film: Kodak TMax 400 pro

Celebrating christmas with my crazy family ❤


There you have it, a little glimpse at my 2016.

I didn’t share a lot on my blog this year, it never felt like anything was worth sharing. But looking back, there were a lot more good bits than I thought there were.
As always with photos, they’re mostly of the good bits. But I don’t mind it. It’s good to remember there were so many ❤

I hope 2017 will have even more, and that I’ll feel like sharing them more on this little corner of the internet.

Onwards and upwards ❤


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