Sept-Okt 2015

1SE september-october

Whoops, a little late with this. But better late than never right?! :3

TV shows
The Office US bit of s8, s9 – Cried like a baby at the series finale again. Love this show and it’s characters so much.
Parks & Rec s2 – Kevin had never seen P&R, which is the worst thing ever. So I made him watch it. I think this is when he started to get into it, yissss.
Game of Thrones s4, s5 – I stopped watching this two years ago. My brain just couldn’t handle all the characters and storylines and cities and who had a beef with who, and basically everything. But these months I tried it again, and it was really good. I think I finally know about half of the characters names, go me!
Criminal Minds s10 – my fav American crime show. And not at all because of dr. Spencer Reid. Nope.
Louie s4 – loved this season again. Louis CK always has the right mix of comedy, tragedy, and social justice.
Gravity Falls s1 – this was so much fun! Can’t wait to watch the next season soon.
Grey’s Anatomy s5,s6 – the show is gradually getting worse. But it’s perfect for off days.
Great British Bake-Off s?! – no idea which series it was, but oh man, this might be the best talent scouting show ever. Got hungry every episode, but damn, they made some beautiful stuff ❤
The X-Files some of s1 – never watched this before, I was too scared of it in the 90’s. Not scared anymore, and it’s kind of fun. But not for binge watching, just for an episode every now and then. (mostly because every episode feels the same so far, haha)
New Girl s3 – worst season so far. Not sure I wanna watch season 4 one day. Somehow they managed to make the characters caricatures of themselves? When the characters were pretty over the top to begin with? But hey, it’s still got Winston, so it’s all good.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 – not as good as the first. But when is that ever the case. Still pretty fun though.
The Secret of Kells – this was such a beautiful animation ❤
Batman Forever – Jim Carrey as the Riddler will forever be my fav ❤
Batman & Robin – this movie get’s a lot of hate, and I sort of see why? But it’s still pretty fun :3 Plus Poison Ivy!
Also watched: Frozen, Golden Compass, The Skeleton Twins

Vinyl: the XX-XX, Creedence Clearwater Revival – Cosmo’s Factory, Siouxsie and the Banshees – Join Hands
Spotify: Ewert & The Two Dragons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Fall Out Boy, Alexander, Brand New, Bonaparte, Eefje de Visser, Moddi, Pink Floyd, DjvT, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Angus & Julia Stone
Fav Songs: Moddi – House by the Sea

Dave Eggers – The Circle
Amy Poehler – Yes Please
Marian Churchland – Beast
Galit & Gilad Seliktar – farm 54

Out and about
Got a haircut, yisss
Got a shiatsu massage, yiiiisssssssss
Went to Primark with Lilian
Had tea at my grandmothers ❤
Had the best weekend getaway at the Veluwemeer with Kevin ❤
Got tea and cake at the Westerpark with Kevin
Celebrated me and my mothers birthday, with family, at my mothers place.

Other stuff
Had some friends over for dinner
Managed a supermarket trip, with my wheelchair and my dad.
Put a pauze on almost all my therapies.
Had two game days with friends at my place.
Had some tests and stuff done at a possible new therapy place.
Painted my hair brown with blonde!


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