Jul-Aug 2015

1SE july-august

TV shows
Grey’s Anatomy S1, S2, S3, S4 – oh, this used to be the one show I would stay home for. I texted with my former bff during episodes. Rewatched some scenes. I loved it so much. And then I just kind of, stopped watching it? It got played out, and boring, and I didn’t want to stay home and watch it anymore. But now I spotted it online, and I just had to start all over. All these seasons are so good. I missed this show so much, yay internet for reconnecting me ❤ Sidenote: rewatching the whole Denny Duquette/Izzie storyline was heartbreaking tho. That scene with her in her beautiful dress on his bed. Bawling like the first time I saw it. ='( Well played Shondra Rhimes, well played.
The Office US S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, some of S7 – This show ❤ ❤ ❤ one of my all time favourites. Funny, good characters, nice tempo, perfect ❤
Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Blade Works – finished watching this one! Think I need to watch it again to understand everything, but its pretty good!
Bojack Horseman S2 – I get that this is not for everyone I guess? But I find it hilarious =’)

Mad Max: Fury Road – YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS. I don’t think there’s a single thing I would want to change about this movie. It is perfect in every sense, and I could not stop shouting my feelings about it afterwards. It’s just so, so perfect. Good action, kick ass ladies, crazy world, awesome vehicles. Everything, just, ugh, PERFECT ❤ ❤ ❤
They Came Together – some of my besties recommended this to me, and OMG they were right to do so. IT’S SO FUNNY! It’s basically a spoof on every romantic movie ever, but in the best way possible. Also, Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd. I don’t think I need to say any more.
Beauty & The Beast – forever my favourite Disney movie. I love the scenery, the characters, the story, the magic. Watched it in English for the first time, it was so weird! But I love it all the same.
The Little Mermaid – I remember getting this on VHS when I was little. This used to be one of my favourites, and while I still like it, I have more and more problems with a story about a girl changing her whole life for a boy she met once =’) But the underwater scenery is still pretty insane ❤
Tangled – I was on a bit of a Disney kick these months, can you tell? :3 Tangled is turning into another one of my favourites, it’s just so funny and cute ❤
Bridget Jones’ Diary – How did she afford this life style as an assistent?! HOW?!?! Oh, how times have changed =’) Still funny tho ❤
Robin Hood – Uhm, yeah, this is getting kind of played out, but this is another one of my disney favourites ❤ Had to watch it in English, cause Netflix, and that was kind of disappointing. Guess this is one of those rare occasions where I prefer the Dutch version.
Also watched: Iron Man, Pacific Rim, Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man 2, Aladdin, Winnie The Pooh, Batman Returns, Wet Hot American Summer (again), The Return of Jafar, Aladdin & The King of Thieves, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Vinyl: Buddy Holly, Sex Pistols, Crass
Spotify: Bright Eyes, Buddy Holly, Dead Kennedy’s, The Velvet Underground, Black Kids, Uncluded, Angus & Julia Stone, The White Stripes.
(plus special mention to Spotify’s new Discover Weekly playlists, they are so on point, perfect for finding new tunes, yissss)
Fav Songs: Drake — Hold On, We’re Going Home, Bat for Lashes — Laura, Flatsound — If You Love Me, Come Clean.

Dave Eggers – The Circle – yup, still reading this. Slowly, but surely getting there tho!
Jaap Rozema – Mythomania 1 & 2 – So proud of my best friend. He has grown so, so much, and is such an amazing artist ❤

Out and about
Westerpark hangings with my mom during the heatwave.
Friesversary with Kevin at Bergen aan Zee.
Kevin’s birthday at a bar in Purmerend.
Mim’s birthday in Utrecht.
Ikea visit with daddy (to buy a new mattress! Yisss!)
Artis Zoo with Anne, Jaap and Kevin ❤
Cinema Date with Kevin. To see Mad Max, perfeccttttttt ❤
Stedelijk with my mom to see the Matisse Exhibition (wich was perfect and I loved it so much)
Surprise picknick in Westerpark with Kevin.
Afternoon in Veere with oma and some family ❤
Dinner in Bergen aan Zee with Kevin.
(wow, look at all this stuff I was able to do! No wonder I was so happy! And so exhausted now, haha)

Other stuff
Playing Yoshi’s Wooly World on Kevin’s WiiU, which I kidnapped.
Trying to learn First Day of My Life on the ukelele, unsuccesfully.
Trying to do my own groceries, with wheelchair and help from mommy.
Finally finding a good rythm at home, resting, meditating and finding stuff to do.
Starting to clear some of the rubbish in my house.
Playing Boss Monster with Anne, Jaap & Kevin.
Sister got her own kitty! His mame is Kuzco, and he’s adorable ❤


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