May-June 2015

1SE may-june

For some reason, each month is feeling longer than the month before. And I don’t know if it’s because of the sunshine, or becausing I’m making choices based on my health, or what, but it feels like I can enjoy things more. But maybe that’s just because I went to Greece for a week and had two (!!) concerts ❤
Okay, am only posting this now, because payback from both of those is still kicking my butt, but oh boy it feels good to feel somewhat back to my old self, even if it is in a wheelchair, and only for a couple of hours.

TV shows
The Mindy Project some of S2 + S3 – such a cute show.
The Killing S1 – so good! It was just really exciting and interesting, and the characters are really well written and yay for Danish television getting this one right!
Law & Order SVU s13 s14 s15 – found this on netflix, I guess I was really into cop shows these months? This is way more fast-paced and over the top/american, but still pretty good.
Happy Endings S1 S2 S3 – why was this show cancelled?! Whyyyyyy *sad face emoji* It’s filled with fast-paced humor and over the top jokes and it’s so funny and I miss it so much, aaaahhhh. Stupid tv people cancelling good shows.
Brooklyn nine/nine S2 – Took me a while to get used to the characters, but now I really love them? It’s not a unique or extremely good show, but it’s funny, and it’s sweet. Plus Chelsea Peretti ❤
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works some of S1 – I cannot flipping wait to watch the last few episodes. I don’t know or watch a lot of anime, but this is SO good! Plus the characters are amazing, and it’s got all these plot twists and just aaghh, so exciting, yay!
Community some of S5 – Community, I love you, but I’m not so sure about this season. =/
Orange is the New Black s3 – YYAAAAASSSSSSSSSS FUCKING FINALLY! I love this show so much, it’s one of my all time favourites, and everybody should watch it, and just aaaghhh, another year waiting for a new season, muuuuhhhh. So, so good ❤ ❤ ❤
Also watched some bits of HIMYM S9, including the final episode, which I still kinda love, despite everyones hatred for it :3, House S3, I used to really like this, but now I’m just like “ugh, another arrogant white dude with a god complex, gtfo”, Shits Creek S1, worst show I ever saw.

Movies/comedy shows
I watched a lot of movies, so I’m just gonna talk about a few, and list the rest. Cause I’m lazy like that.
The Emperors New Groove – this movie ❤ it’s so flipping funny. I can watch this four hundred times more and still laugh my ass off.
The Heat – I was expecting this to be a comedy that would be like any other comedy (just like most of the ones I listed below), but I don’t know. This felt so much better? Maybe it’s because I expected it to be super mediocre and blah, and then it really wasn’t. It had some good jokes, but mostly it felt like such a good feminist movie? It’s like a buddy-cop movie, but with woman, and I just loved it for that reason alone :3
The Lego Movie – I got the theme song stuck in my head, even though I never even watched it. No idea how it happened, it just did. So I took it as a sign from the universe that I should watch it, and the universe was SO RIGHT. THIS MOVIE ❤ ❤ ❤ It’s cute, it’s super funny, it’s sweet, it’s just perfect and aaagghhhh. Loved it so much ❤
Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope – for some reason, my memory is always foggy about Star Wars, like I put all the movies in one big pile in my head, and forget how each individual one goes? Don’t know why my head does that, but its handy, cause it feels like I watch the movies for the first time, each and every time :3
The Princess Bride – I can’t believe I never saw this before. I am a huge Romantic Comedy fan, and this is like the ultimate classic. And I can see why, it’s just so cute. And really, really bad, in just the right way, haha.
Jurassic World – If my nine year old self would have watched this, she would’ve shat herself. (which tbh, I almost did when watching Jurassic Park at that age. Scared of dinosaurs for YEARS.) I saw this in the cinema with Lilian (yay!). She told me to watch the first one before, and I’m glad I did! Jurassic Park is a classic, but I think they did a good job with World. It’s got the same kind of energy, and the overall feel of the movie is good, I think? And I’m proud to say I could sleep the night after. I guess this is growing up? (oh also. Chris Pratt. Yisss.)
Wet Hot American Summer – found this while scrolling through netflix. Had no idea what it was, and I was surprised in the best way possible. This whole movie makes absolutely no sense, AND I LOVED IT ❤ It’s a pile on nonsense, and it’s so funny, filled with so many amazing actors. And I cannot flipping wait for the series that’s coming out on Netflix in a couple of days. Gonna watch the crap out of it.
Also watched: Pitch Perfect, The Interview, A.C.O.D., The Ex, Identity Thief, Admissions, The Oh in Ohio, Better Living Through Chemisty, some of Springbreakers but I turned it off, cause ugh, ain’t nobody got time for that shit, Baby Mama, Nightcrawler.

Vinyl: The Beatles, Een Avondje Amsterdam.
Spotify: Ane Brun, Arctic Monkeys, Angus & Julia Stone, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, alt-J, Foo Fighters, Julia Stone, Keaton Henson, Beyoncé, The Kooks, The xx, Buddy Holly, Sia.
Fav Songs: Julia Stone – This Love, Ane Brun – Halo,
Buddy Holly – Ready Teddy.

Dave Eggers – The Circle.
Amy Poehler – Yes Please.

Reading two books I’ve never read before, at the same time. When I say I’m starting to feel a little bit more like my old self. This is what I’m talking about ❤ Still read slowly and for a short time, so I haven’t finished either, but really like both so far.

Out and about
PonyPeople/spring kittens photoshoot with Anne & Mim.
Getting ice cream with Lilian at the Westerpark.
Going to my grandmother for mothersday. ❤
Rollende Keukens food festival with Kevin.
Going shopping before my holiday with Kevin.
A one week hella awesome holiday to Rhodos with my mum and sister ❤ ❤ ❤
Going to Bergen aan Zee and the deer in Bergen with Kevin.
Jurassic World in the cinema with Lilian.

Other stuff
Maartje came to visit from Stockholm ❤ (twice!)
Had a massive, massive panic attack, that lasted almost a full day. But haven’t had one since, so thats good?
Watched my first ever full NBA game, and liked it.
A close friend announced her pregnancy. And I wept like a baby. So exciting ❤
Was thinking of working every week at the beginning of may. Ended up stopping work all together for a while at the end of june. Work is just too much right now. Learning to focus on me, instead of what I think other people expect of me.
Am trying to get my life sorted, and get a good rythm going at home.
Watched the last two episodes of OITNB with Sara, who I’ve known for a long time, but never met irl, and it was so much fun ❤
Am growing my hair out, but am always doubting on what to do next. Wish I could keep this pink forever (but bleaching is a bitch)


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