Mar-Apr 2015

1SE mar-apr

Wow. These two months feel about twice as long as the first two months of this year. I feel like I have done about twice as much as well. Both netflix- and activity-wise. Feels good though!

TV shows
Peaky Blinders s1+s2 – SO GOOD. Don’t know what I love more, the stories, the acting, the look and feel, or the kick-ass music. If you’re into early 1900’s english gangsters, this is your thing.
Better Call Saul s1 – I’m usually not a fan of spin-offs, and to be honest, the idea of a whole show around the character of Saul seemed kind of stupid to me. It’s a funny guy, but they were gonna have to put their best effort in to make it worth while. And well, they did. It’s no Breaking Bad, but it’s fun, and really good. I was surprised, in the best way.
Bob’s Burgers s3+s4 – like I said in my jan-feb post. One of my fav shows out there right now. So good.
Adventure Time s2+s3+s4+s5 – Did I finally figure out where to watch Adventure Time and went a little overboard? Maybe I did. So funny though.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt s1 – yassssss, netflix you done did good! Such a good comedy, I loved it so much. Had to hold back to not just watch every episode at once. Also, might have the best opening song. Ever.
3rd Rock From The Sun s1+s2+s3 – Did I finally figure out where to watch 3rd Rock and went a little overboard? Maybe I did. Still such a funny show. And made me realise just how long my celebrity crush with JGL has been going on. 1996 y’all, whut.
Elementary s2 – I was kind of disappointed with this season tbh. The first one was so good! And this one, just, I don’t know, felt kind of meh =/ Some episodes are good, but I’m not a fan of the direction they’re taking some of the characters (aka Watson aka my fav aka y u gotta ruin it for me).
Garfunkel & Oates s1 – I knew some of their songs from youtube, so I knew I would like this. And I did. Funny and awkward and cute, aweyis.
Ace of Cakes Collections s1 – one especially bad day. I discovered this. A collection of the best Ace of Cakes episodes. All the best cakes in a row. Just what I needed for my super bad days, yaaaasssss.
The Mindy Project s1 – such a sweet and girly show, and yet so full of offensive humour. Which means it’s pretty much perfect I guess. Yup.
Also watched some bits of Avatar: Legend of Korra s2 and How I Met Your Mother s8+s9 and some of Elementary s1 and Broad City s1 to show my boyfriend

Movies/comedy shows
Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie – relived just about my whole childhood watching this on VHS again. And as it turns out, it’s still my fav Looney Tunes movie/compilation. ❤
Muppets Take Manhattan – has there every been a bad Muppet movie? I know they’ve made some not-as-great-as movies, but bad? I don’t think so. This is one of my favourites. So cute.
American Pie 1,2, wedding and reunion – I guess I was on kind of an American Pie binge session. But don’t worry, I only watched the good ones. And yes I’m including The Wedding in that, come at me bro. Still some of the best teenage comedys out there. Just hope the next batch of good teenage comedys will be a little less sexist. That would be great, thanks.
The 40 year old virgin – I’ve seen this about a million times as well, still so good though.
Big Fish – such a sweet film. I love all these little stories in it. And I cried, again, for the bazillionth time watching this, of course.
Kingsman – fun spy movie. Not super memorable, but I did laugh a lot.
King Kong – What can I say? I’m a sucker for over the top blockbuster movies some times.
Hot Fuzz – I thought I had seen this before, but while watching it I realised I hadn’t. Glad I watched it now though, it was hilarious.
Aziz Ansari – live at madison square garden – Oh Aziz, you so funny ❤
Nick Offerman – American Ham – Nick Offerman is milking his P&R success. Good for him. This is not your standard stand-up show, and I mean that in a good way. It’s really funny.
Theo Maassen – Met Alle Respect – My fav dutch comedian, and he starts of this show with pretty much only rape jokes. Which made me cringe so bad, I almost wanted to stop watching. But he got funny again, and it was good. Just stop with the rape jokes already? They’re just not funny. Ever. Thanks.

Arctic Monkeys, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Alt-J, Ane Brun, James Vincent McMorrow, Keaton Henson, Foo Fighters, Julia Stone, The Beatles, The Cure, Blondie, Beyonce, Franz Ferdinand, Sia, Band on the Run, Wolfmother, The XX, Childish Gambino, Steve Smyth.
Fav Songs: Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine, Beyonce – Partition, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Life Is Hard, Keaton Henson – 10 am gare du nord.

Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely – we3 – first comic to make me cry my eye balls out. Really beautiful drawings, and a good story.
JK Rowling – Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – never not reading this one.

Out and about
Visiting grandma.
Rebekka’s birthday at her house.
Lunch + walk through the Vondelpark with my mum (after another horrible meeting at the UWV, ugh)
Sven’s birthday, where we (Jaap?) discovered Trivial Jenga. And it was hilarious.
Cinema date with Kevin.
Wijk aan Zee beach date with Rebekka, Olmo & Kevin.
Icecream and looking at the blossoming trees in Westerpark with my mum.
Family Fun Time day at the Keukenhof. (which was horrible/too busy/no place to rest, but it was really nice to be with family)
Kingsnight party at Olmo’s place. (first party I’ve been to in ages, and it was so fun! Yay!)

Other stuff
Listened to a lecture by Bas Haring, talking about the philosopher Daniel Dennet.
Learned to play the Adventure Time Theme on my ukelele.
Painted my hair back to magenta.
Bought a new laptop.
Ended some of my therapies. (which might explain why I have more time for other stuff, yay!)
Got *slightly* addicted to playing HearthStone.
+ I was finally able to open my balcony doors and chill in the sunshine for a lot of days. YAASSSS ❤


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