Jan-Feb 2015

1SE jan-feb

And here’s what januari and februari looked like ❤
1SE/One Second Everyday is SUCH a good app. I love it so much ❤

I kinda miss making blog posts, ’cause well, writing blog posts make me happy. So I’m going to try and make some more this year. And not just about my health, because ugh, sometimes I get so sick of focusing all my attention on my poor health. So here’s all the other stuff I’ve done over the past two months, yay!

Okay, this is also a way to try and fix my bad memory, writing stuff down, reminding myself of what I’ve done. I hope it’ll help get my memory juices flowing, so to speak. So it’s still about my health in some way, but sshhhhh, let’s just forget about that for now.

This will also be where the whole world will see the embarrassing amount of tv shows I watch. Ehehehe. This I also blame on my bad health. :3

TV shows
Broad City, S1 – SO GOOD. Just. UGH. Such a funny show, watched the whole season in one day, and I can’t wait till season two is all out so I can repeat the process. SO. FUNNY.
Fargo, S1 – much better than I thought it would be! If you liked the movie, you’ll like this.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S1+some of S2- had to get used to the crappy acting in the first few episodes, but other than that it’s nice. There’s some good jokes, and I’m a huge fan of the diverse cast.
Elementary S1 – not sure if Sherlock is now still my fav Sherlock Holmes adaption. This is so good, in such a different way. All the conflicting emotions.
Bobs Burgers s2+some of s3 – Is this my fav tv-show ever? I think it might be. So funny, so sweet, so good. ❤
CSI:NY – the crappy show I watch when I’m too tired to focus on anything good and just need some easy entertainment, which is pretty much all the time.
Also watched: Black Books S2+3, Gilmore Girls last couple of episodes, Avatar: Legend of Korra S1+some of S2,
(almost not worth mentioning: one episode of Girls S3, last episode of Pride & Prejudice)

Movies/comedy shows
Frank – Kinda weird, kinda funny, kinda sad. I loved it.
Ace Ventura 1+2 – SO FUNNY. Can never get enough. SO GOOD.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Almost forget how much I loved this one. One of my all time favourites.
Ducktales movie – don’t even remember the name? hahah, watched this one when I was super tired, haha.
Yellowstone, Battle for life – documentary about Yellowstone. All the frustrations that I don’t have the energy to go there. It looks so insanely beautiful ❤
Chelsea Peretti – One of the greats – ahahaha, I laughed so much. She is so awkward and rude and funny. ❤
Zach Galifianakis – live at the purple onion – Funnier than I thought he would be! Kinda sad and funny at the same time, I love that.
Donald Glover – Weird – so awkward and funny, yay.

Alt-J, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Muppet Soundtracks, Fleetwood Mac, The Damned, The XX, The Beatles, Crass, Julia Stone, Ane Brun, Janne Schra, Keaton Henson, Lucky Fonz III, Flight of the Conchords.

Adam Warren – Empowered – so sexist, but so cute. My feminist heart had some trouble getting into this one, haha.
Tove Janssen – Moomin’s desert island – SO CUTE! Can’t wait to read more Moomin books.
JK Rowling – Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – forever my favourite ❤ I keep reading a chapter every other week, makes me happy ❤

Out and about
Tea date at Lilian’s place. (first time using the special taxi service outside of Amsterdam/my 25km circle, was a success, yay.)
New Years get together with the family at my mom’s old place.
Jaap’s birthday/Mario Kart Party
30 minute beach visit with Kevin.
IJhallen with Lilian.
Artis with Anne and Mirjam.
Lunch at Pllek with Kevin.

Other stuff
Played Magic for the first time ever.
Played Golden Sun on my Nintendo DS.
Said goodbye to my childhood home.
Edited my Wheels For Annika movie.
Got myself a boyfriend, aweyis.


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