WheelsForAnnika on Tour pt 2: city centre


Hey would you look at that! It’s me! In my fav city in the world! Where I also happen to live! Hurra!

I think anyone who has ever been in my city centre can support me when I say things can get crazy busy there. So when I needed to find a dress for a wedding, my lovely friend Lilian was nice enough to push me through the madness that is the centre of Amsterdam on a sunday afternoon. We found the perfect dress at Forever 21, and we had some perfect pie at De Drie Graefjes. Good times were had by all.
Thanks Lilian and wheelchair ā¤

PS Any ideas for a name for the chair? So far none have stuck. And I think ‘Hell on Wheels, it’s no big deal’ is a tad long, and would only really work if I constantly sing the accomponying Fu Manchu song. Which wouldn’t be well for anyone involved. šŸ˜‰


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