Photo An Hour – february 2014

Aka Wheels For Annika, part two. I wanted to make one of these each month this year, and before I knew it the whole month of february had gone by. But I remembered just in time to keep a photo diary on the very last day, which still counts, so I haven’t failed yet. Hurra! Little did I know that this was the day Wheels For Annika would begin. So now I’m super happy I documented this day ❤ DSCF8173 8.30-9.00 Don’t hate, medicate. DSCF8179 9.00-10.00 I slept insanely crappy the night before, so everything hurts. I had plans with my friend Lilian, which I didn’t want to cancel. So I let her know I would be a bit later and take some time to stretch and relax my achy muscles. Kitties are vital for this relaxing part. DSCF8203 10.00-11.00 After a while I manage to drag my tired ass to the shower and even put on make up and everything. I drink some tea to rest after the shower. (when I’m tired, showers are a pain in the butt) Also ate some peanutbutter toast and cuddled the kitties some more. DSCF8218 11.00-12.00 I’m out of the house and waiting for the train, hurra! I celebrate with some Chai Soy Latte. The starbucks people almost never write my name wrong, so I squee that I can finally join that club of people.DSCF8242 12.00-13.00 I’m super touched by a message my sister put on her fb, asking for people to donate some money so I can buy my own wheelchair. A couple minutes later Maartje let’s me know she put everything on a gofundme page. The absolutely wonderful weirdness begins. DSCF8272 13.00-14.00 I arrive at my friends place. So far, so good! We have lunch together and I get to drink my tea out of the ET mug. SCORE. DSCF8277 14.00-15.00 Her cat Drommels is insanely cute. DSCF8282 15.00-16.00 Time for some serious shopping! DSCF8287 16.00-17.00 We like the same clothes, yup. I ended up buying a different dress, which is equally cute. (also, while CFS is considered an invisible illness, I am clearly showing signs of being super-duper tired here, haha, go red heads!) DSCF8298 17.00-18.00 After the shopping I go back home. And with the last of my battery I see that it’s over 1000euros already. The train is jampacked with people, so I try to hold back all my tears. DSCF8307 18.00-19.00 Almost home, finally. DSCF8324 19.00-20.00 I heat up some pumpkinsoup I made earlier that week and crash on the couch. DSCF8338 20.00-21.00 I finally have the time to read all the messages people have been putting online during the day. And I crack. I can’t stop crying happy tears. And me and Maartje call about how incredible all of this is ❤ DSCF8341 21.00-22.00 My daddy stops by after his work to see how I’m doing after this whole day. And he immediately does my dishes for me. ❤ DSCF8345 22.00-23.00 I should really be going to bed, but my adrenaline just keeps pumping and all my emotions are keeping me wide awake. The word overwhelming finally makes sense to me. DSCF8367 23.00-23.30 Finally able to think a little clearly again I make some tea and snuggle up in bed.


3 thoughts on “Photo An Hour – february 2014

  1. Leuk om je dag eens te zien, en je vader kon zich vroeger goed verstoppen voor de afwas, goed te zien dat hij het nu met liefde doet hahaha

  2. Jaaaa leuk om dan net die dag gedocumenteerd te hebben idd 😀
    Ik heb nu ook eindelijk een Joy Division shirt haha jeeej (heel old school alto uit Camden Town, zag ik later dat ze ze ook bij de Primark hadden -_____- oH WELL)
    Mijn haar is nu meer rood dan roze anders waren we twinsies 😉

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