Photo an hour – januari 2014

I’ve been making photodiaries of two random days per year for a while now. And after seeing ‘photo an hour’ on a few other blogs, I figured that it would be the perfect way to incorporate my photo diaries in my blog as well! I’m hoping to do one of these each month this year. But please, don’t hold me to that promise =’)

DSCF7721 9.00-10.00
Waking up is hard to do. Yup. The kitties roam around the bedroom making sure nothing changed during the night.
(they’re not allowed in there when I sleep, cause they fight, and wake me up, and make me want to punch them in their kitty faces. So this is best for everyone.)

DSCF7733 10.00-11.00
Stop. Showertime.
Plus getting dressed, make up, resting after shower, the works.

DSCF7760 11.00-12.00

DSCF7784 12.00-13.00
Bus to central station + bus to doctor + grey/rain/yuck.

DSCF7793 13.00-14.00
Look how homely and cheerful they made the waiting area with this one plant.
Also: company doctor told me it would be best not to go back to work the next six weeks. So I can focus on my therapies and my re-integration assignments. At first I’m shocked “whut no working!?” but about two seconds after that I’m so happy and relieved. Finally time to do everything I never had time for, like the assignments for my therapies and walking/biking each day, and doing meditation each day, and everything else. Ugh, so happy.

DSCF7802 14.00-15.00
Since the bus I take to my home passes my piercing shop, I get out and go for my one month check-up for my nose stud. It’s all good, yay.
Also go to an organic supermarket close by and walk by a canal which makes me happy cause it’s so pretty.

DSCF7816 15.00-16.00
After going to another shop I finally arrive home. Achy legs and back all over the place, yuck.

DSCF7838 16.00-17.00
A kitty, a blanky, a cup of tea. Yesssssssss. Plus I think I also had a snack around this time? Banana with peanutbutter and an orange, yummmmm.

DSCF7860 17.00-18.00
A blanky, a cup of tea, The Doctor. YEEEESSSSSSSSSS.

DSCF7868 18.00-19.00
Apple pancakes for dinner. Omnomnomnomnomnomnom.

DSCF7880 19.00-20.00
MOOAAARRR TEA. Also more Doctor Who.

Bep is in need of some finger. I continue with the theme that was set before, tea and watching Doctor Who. My legs still ache from all the walking I did the afternoon. So it’s a full evening on the couch.

DSCF7903 21.00-22.00
I make my daily drawing and practice my ukelele skills. Bep disagrees with my plans and demands to get some cuddles/finger.

DSCF7910 22.00-23.00
Check some tumblr on my phone.

DSCF7918 23.00
Give the kitties their goodnight snack and go to bed, yay bed!


2 thoughts on “Photo an hour – januari 2014

  1. jaaa, zulke blogs zijn zo leuk (zo lang je het geen plog noemt ;)) ❤
    wat een fantastisch theehouderding heb je! en wat een leuke lijstjes aan de muur! en aw die ukulele-foto ❤ en ik wil je broodrooster. en is die lp op de laatste foto nu een placemat? dat is geniaal!!!

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