Bye 2013.

Without a doubt, 2013 was the weirdest of years for me. My health, my job, a love, friendships, colleagues, all lost and nowhere to be seen in the near future. I’ve never had worse days, I’ve never been sadder, I’ve never had to make big sad decisions like the ones I made this year. But 2013 also brought me so many good things. And they deserve some special attention on this last day of the year.

So here they are, my 13 of 2013.
There are oh so many more moments and people and things and animals and nature and cameras and filmrolls and other things that are missing from this list. Which is a good thing to realise. I have a lot be thankful for.

Drifting ice at Marken, january 2013
Drifting ice at Marken, january 2013

1. Oh nature you so pretty.
From forests, to the beach, to ice, snow, autum leaves. My love for nature grew a little bigger this past year. I’m a city girl, but nothing makes me happier than nature does.

Valley of the Kings, Egypt, februari 2013
Valley of the Kings, Egypt, februari 2013

2. My holiday to Egypt with my then-boyfriend and his family. So magical to see these ancient sites. And to sneakily take pictures when it’s not allowed. Flying from Amsterdam, to Sweden, to Egypt, crossing the river Nile, snorkling among the fishies, walking around the Tempel of Karnak, flying from Egypt, to Sweden, to Amsterdam. Such a good holiday.

Pink Hair Don't Care. February 2013
Pink Hair Don’t Care. February 2013

3. My hair.
Cause it’s such a pretty colour and it makes me so happy ❤

Manatee and capybara go for a swim together. Burgers Zoo, march 2013.
Manatee and capybara go for a swim together. Burgers Zoo, march 2013

Also. So many visits to zoo’s this year. YESSSSSSSS.

Picking out sweets for mommy, while in Brussels with daddy and the sister. April 2013
Picking out sweets for mommy, while in Brussels with daddy and the sister. April 2013

Seriously though. My family. I. Just. Cannot.
They are the most amazing people ever, and without them my life would be so much more difficult. I owe them so much. They make me so happy. My family is my everything. ❤

Campsite lunch during Here Comes The Summer Festival at Vlieland. Mei 2013
Campsite lunch during Here Comes The Summer Festival at Vlieland. Mei 2013

6. Holidays/pushing myself forward/nature/friends/music
My little mini vacation to Vlieland was so wonderful in so many ways. It was one of the few times this year where I had some hope of getting better and feeling a litte fitter. I managed to bike around the island thanks to an electrical bike. I managed to go to some concerts. I felt so free and so happy. And the island of Vlieland is so, so beautiful. ❤

Twiske Picknick, june 2013
Twiske Picknick, june 2013

7. So. Many. Summer. Picknicks.

Second surgery, first even full anesthesia. June 2013
Second surgery, first ever full anesthesia. June 2013

8. Three surgeries.
But my god. Can I breathe like a mo-fo thanks to them ❤

Artis Zoo with Mirjam and Anne. August 2013
Artis Zoo with Mirjam and Anne. August 2013

9. Making the best new friends.
And seeing more of some old friends, and having so many good friends that I just cannot sometimes. I basically have the best people around me. I really do.

Kitty Burfday. August 2013
Kitty Burfday. August 2013

10. My kitties.
Cause my life is not complete without my Bep and Sjonnie. #crazycatladyforlife

Vegan muffins. August 2013
Vegan muffins. August 2013

11. Baking all the yummy foods.

Valtifest. September 2013
Valtifest. September 2013

12. My wheelchair.
For giving me some more freedom despite my bad health. While at the same time making me realise I need to take things down a notch, in order to truly get my health and freedom back to where I want them to be.


2013 from nnkmll on Vimeo.

13. Selflove.
My good days, my bad days, my fun days, my sad days. They’re all in there. I never thought I had the discipline. But as you can plainly see. I do. One selfie a day. 2013 in less than a minute. The Ultimate Selfie.
Which is extra fitting, since 2013 apparently is the year of the selfie
To me, it’s also the year of selflove and acceptance. The way I look, the way I feel, the way I think. This whole year has been one big mirror shoved in my face. Which wasn’t always pleasant. But it turns out I’m not really all that bad. Or, not as bad as I thought I was, at least. I’m getting there, that place I want to be.

2014. You better be filled with lot’s of friends, family, funtime, yummy foods, good concerts and good health. Or you’ve got me to reckon with a year from now.

Have a safe and wonderful New Years Eve lovelies ❤ Champagne and oliebollen, Here I Come!


7 thoughts on “Bye 2013.

  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ dat filmpje.
    En sowieso, je lijstje en je positiviteit en ja, luuuvvvv it. 🙂

    Ik duim voor een heel heel heel fijn 2014 voor je, dat verdien je inderdaad.

  2. Naaaw Annika! Ik moest hier een beetje om huilen. Dat je tussen al die prut toch nog zo veel fijne mooie dingen hebt kunnen vinden!!! Ik vond het heeeel leuk om je te mogen leren kennen vorig jaar en hoop dat we dit jaar nog heel veel hele leuke dingen gaan doen waar ik dan allemaal debiele gifjes van kan maken ❤ (en natuurlijk dat je lichaampje liever tegen je gaat doen maar dat spreekt voor zich)!!! Heel veel liefs!

  3. (had ik hier serieus niet op gereageerd?)
    Weetje hoe kut alles ook is, jij haalt er zoveel mooie dingen uit! En je blijft ondanks alles gewoon fabulous! En bedenk vooral, 2014 kan niet heel veel kutter worden dan 2013, dus het is nu al een beter jaar! Ik gun jou al het moois dit jaar!

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