Out and About: Teylers









Oi time goes fast! All of a sudden my holiday was over and I was back at work. And let me tell you, it wasn’t a picknick this week. Sheez. Body aching, rough official talks, tears shed. The works.

Which is why I would much rather think back to my two week holiday. During which the lovely Mirjam took me and my wheelchair to Teylers Museum. The oldest museum of my tiny country. And it was frigging awesomesauce. Omg.

A couple weeks back I rediscovered my favourite childhood collection. Fossils, minerals, bones, sea shells, etc. I had been a busy little collector as a kid and I had gathered an impressive collection. And it turned out, mr Teyler, the man who started the museum, had the same obsession as I used to have. Only he had the money to actually buy all the pretty minerals and instruments and huge skeletons and fossils. SO MEGA AWESOME. My young self was weeping with joy looking at all the pretty things. And my love for minerals and fossils has now officially been reawakened.

There was also an exhibition of the etches and sketches of Rembrandt. Which had some insanely beautiful works. And ‘the public’ had apparently been able to vote for the 25 most beautiful etches or sketches. I think the best part of the exhibition is the ‘reviews’ given by people who voted. These alone were well worth the visit. Oh how my fellow dutchies can be so pretentious sometimes ❤

Teylers also has some pretty paintings (kitties!), but most museums have those. So we didn’t waste too much time there.
I was well impressed by how beautiful the museum and it’s original collection are. So happy I bought my museum card. And that Mirjam was willing to push me past all the pretty things. Good times. ❤

Did I only add this picture of the upside down mirror because my hair looks amazeballs in this light?! Perhaps.


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