Veere, part one.






Camera: Agfa Isolette.
Film roll: Kodak Ektar 100.

A few weeks ago my mother, sister and myself went to a place called Veere in the south west of Holland, in the province of Zeeland for a short weekend trip.
It’s the place where about half of my childhood summer memories took place, because my grandmother used to have a caravan spot there each year and we visited her there often. To be back there for a weekend was SO much fun. The canons, the shoreline where you can look for crabs, the lock where we always swam next to. The cute little shops. The old candy. The beautiful mineral shop. Everything looked the same. But smaller. Hahaha.
To top it all of, the whole family came to Veere on the sunday for a Family Fun Day. We had lunch, we walked, we talked, and we took a buttload of pictures. It was the first time we had the whole family together in aaaaaages. And it was so much fun. Even my grandmother came along, which just made everything feel even more special.
I only just had my filmsrolls of the summer developed, and these photos of Veere just made me so incredibly happy ❤ I had about four cameras with me, so there are plenty more where this came from.

Also. Why on earth do I ever use a combination that is not this camera and this film?! LOVE THIS COMBINATION SO MUCH AARHRGJHWKWSKJDAAL. Such pretty colours ❤

Oh hey look it’s me with a derpface in Veere.


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