Count Your Blessings. 12.


The homemade hand knitted plaid that the mother of a dear friend of mine made and sent to me to accompany my new couch; the incredible summer evenings and skies; finding some more acceptance and peace of mind; my sister wheeling me through crowds of people at Valtifest; all the crazy wonderful people at Valtifest; being able to rent a wheelchair so I could go to Valtifest; having friends I can lie on my couch with and watch YouTube clips together (looking at you in particular Jaapje); my incredible supporting loving and amazing family; analogue photography; being with the whole family on my mothers side in Veere and reliving our childhood together with my cousins when fishing for crab; my amazing grandmother; my mother booking the most awesome hotel room in Veere; Pixar Expo with the sweetest people; living close to the sea side; homemade vegan banana peanut butter muffins; my uncle giving me his whole vinyl collection which includes The Clash, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Dead Kennedys and many more awesome music; Tumblr; the incredible Mim helping around in my house; Artis; Lilian being one of the sweetest and most understanding people I’ve ever met; baking my own bread; being able to bike a little longer than I could a few months ago; loads and loads of cups of tea; finding a physio-therapist who knows everything there is to know about CFS; taking my kitties on the balcony on their leash; How I Met Your Mother; Instagram; my new ‘vintage’ spotify playlist filled with my favourite music from around the 50’s and 60’s; conquering my fear of motorcycles on my daddies new bike; the heartwarming comments people give me when I’m being more open about my illness and how I try and deal with it, they really are what keep me going sometimes, so much love ❤

Damn. That's a lot of good things happening in my life. I needed that reminder today.


4 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings. 12.

  1. Ik rol je overal door heen Nika! Liefst natuurlijk met politie escorte. Voor minder doen we niet.
    Maar het alleraaaaaaallerliefste in de vijfde versnelling met snelle bochten over die hobbelige ndsm! Woehoeh!!

  2. Ik blijf het maar zeggen, maar echt, petje af voor dat jij zo kan blijven genieten ❤
    & ik ben expert in rondrijden met rolstoelen, dus mocht je ooit niemand hebben om je te helpen, let me know!

    1. Hahaha, zou dat niet een beetje ‘the deaf leading the blind’ worden?! De ene zieke die de andere duwt?! hehehe ;D Maar thanks voor t aanbod, ik zal m onthouden =D

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