Lowlands Memories

This weekend is extremely normal and extremely weird at the same time.
I went to the Pixar Expo yesterday with sweet people. I’m resting and relaxing at home today and tomorrow. Nothing out of the ordinary really. Mentally preparing myself for the fact that the new school year starts this monday. Nothing weird.
Apart from the fact that A Campingflight To Lowlands Paradise is happening in Biddinghuizen as we speak. And this year is the first year I won’t be attending since 2003. I’m not there for a bunch of reasons, my health of course being the obvious one. But there were other factors included in my decision to not buy a ticket.
It feels weird. It has been the highlight of each year for the past ten years. It’s my home away from home. It’s only once a year and I’m not there. ALL THE FEELZ, ugh.
I was fine up until yesteryday, when it was 13.00 and I wasn’t waiting in line to enter the festival terrain. I’m not there drinking yucky beers and sleeping on my 3fm blanket. Seriously guys, ALL THE FEELZ, there are just too many.

So. This seemed like the perfect excuse to reminisce. Ten years of Lowlands all piled into one blog post. So I’ll be sure to miss out on loads of things. Cause the brains ain’t working like they used to. But maybe Lowlands is partially to blame for that. And I’m not picking out the best photos, just a random selection to show some different things from the festival. And some youtube links. Cause for me there’s nothing better than watching videos from the shows I’ve seen, best way to fully remember everything ❤

Lowlands 2003
Lowlands 2003

My first Lowlands ever. And just to describe how long ago this was: digital cameras were considered professional. I was not allowed to bring my 3.0 megapixel digital camera on the festival terrain because it was ‘too professional’. Yup. Just let that sink in for a minute while you look at your smartphone which houses a camera far superior to the camera I had at the time. Not allowed. Ahahahah. I feel so old.
But anyway. This was my first year, I went with my first boyfriend. We didn’t have a clue how to go about things and we ended up putting up our tent in the middle of the night at some crappy-ass place at a crappy-ass campsite. But boy did we had fun.
Highlights I remember to this day: FOO FIGHTERS. First time I saw them. I think this was the year I fell in love with Dave Grohl. And with the song Everlong. And the love never ever went away.
Also: Beck with his awesome stage lights. Eels who sounded so positive and happy it didn’t match any of his songs. Watching Ken Park at the lowlands cinema while half the audience left because they were so disgusted by the movie. Missing Electric Six because we didn’t know to check for changes in the program. Sum 41 rocking my little poppunk socks off.

Lowlands 2004
Lowlands 2004

The year they had urinals for girls. The year where the rain came straight through our tent in the middle of the night and we ended up using the ground cloth from underneath the tent over the tent so we could go back to sleep.
Highlights I remember to this day: Faithless, everyone singing We Come One, as though we were one, magical. White Stripes, oh the pretty lights they had on stage. Velvet Revolver playing so loud my ears were literally hurting. Watching Battle Royale II at the cinema, while barely being able to breathe from all the smoke in the tent. Dolf Jansen being hilarious. Pharrell Williams singing and dancing even though he was one sick puppy. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, still the best way to start any hungover sunday morning.

Lowlands 2005
Lowlands 2005

The first Lowlands with my bestie Renate. The year I thought digital cameras were such a hassle and disposable cameras rocked my socks off. I remember this as being the best lowlands to date. The festival was just SO much fun. The atmosphere was just as it should be. The line up was great. We had so much fun together. It was just a magical year in my memory.
Highlights I remember to this day: Not sleeping sunday night and watching the sun come up while sitting next to the 24-hour tent at the camp site. People jumping through plants in the middle of the night. My bestie still being drunk when we tried to pack up the tent monday morning. The first time I drank coffee and liked it. THE PRODIGY. Dancing away every ounce of energy I had, in my bikini, covered in the sweat from just about every one else in the tent with me. SO GOOD. Being picked up by some random dude so I could watch Marilyn Manson do his thing on stage. THE FOO FIGHTERS. Always the Foo Fighters. My love for this band is just, UGH. ALL THE FEELZ.

Lowlands 2006
Lowlands 2006

SUCH a good year again, every memory of this year feels so magical and makes me so happy ❤
I think this was the first year we were together with the little group of people that would go together each year from this year onwards? Until this year, when the little group of people broke up because I’m not going. Yes. I am that important. 😉
Highlights I remember to this day: The whole crowd screaming “SO FUCKING USELESS” at the top of their lungs while Bloc Party played Positive Tension. Alex Turner tuning his guitar while playing When The Sun Goes Down which made the whole crowd go insane. Gogol Bordello, always the best party. Burning my finger when holding a lighter up during the whole song ‘run’ by Snow Patrol. The Raconteurs covering Bang Bang. The whole terrain turning into one gigantic mudslide because of all the rain. All the cute tiny little frogs at the campsite. SUCH A GOOD YEAR, ugh.

Lowlands 2007
Lowlands 2007

I don’t remember that much from this year? Nothing really magical or special happened I guess?
Highlights I remember to this day: Renate spilling curry on her shirt a minute after the tent was put up, I don’t think that stain ever came out, oh Renate ❤ Printing our own t-shirts and walking in a little fashion show. The Kaiser Chiefs, cause this was right-smack in the middle of my Brit-Pop-Phase. Drinking luke warm Sangria from a carton for breakfast. Kings of Leon, ah, back when they were still cool.

Lowlands 2008
Lowlands 2008

The year we discovered Kees van Hondt! Such a good year! Hahaha. I mostly remember just lounging around in the sun, listening to music in the distance. I also remember that this was the year we really started noticing how popular the festival had become. It felt so extremely crowded. Plus there were less and less rockers and more and more hip people. Which we didn’t like very much.
Highlights I remember to this day: KEES VAN HONDT. The madness, the plants, the music, the polka lines, the toiler paper polka lines. There ain’t no party like a Kees van Hondt party. Seriously. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, an extremely hot tent, filled with very sweaty people, and it was fan-fucking-tastic, every one was dancing, every one was singing, everyone was jumping, it was so much fun. Lucky Fonz III, a sunday morning that started with whistling along with this sweet dutch singer-songwriter, so cute. Sex Pistols, do I even have to explain the fact how awesome it is to see Johnny Rotten play live? Even though he was a true punk-dinosaur at this point, it was still SO awesome to watch him do his thing. The Hives making the sun come out because the crowd cheered loud enough for them.

Lowlands 2009
Lowlands 2009

I think this was the first year we had party tents around our little base camp?! It was so cozy ❤
Highlights I remember to this day: THEM CROOKED VULTURES. AARGH, the memories, the FEELZ, just, uuughhhhh. This was the only time I ever saw a surprise act at Lowlands. And somehow it had been said on the radio that it would be Them Crooked Vultures playing their songs. This was before the album was even released. And I just remember the buzz in the crowd while the instruments where being put on stage. “Would it really be them!?”. And then the blanket was taken away from the drumset and someone recognised it as being THE drumset from TCV. Which was a fact that went buzzing through the whole crowd. Every one got SO excited. A couple of minutes later they come on, and it was just pure magic. To see some of my favourite musicians play such incredibly awesome music together. Not knowing a single song, but still loving each and every one of them. SO GOOD.
Also, The massive storm that was predicted to hit us thursday evening, which ended up being a little rain cloud. After which it was nothing but sunshine and blue skies for the weekend. Lily Allen, I wish she hadn’t stopped making music, she was so much fun. Snoop Dogg (!!!), a diamond encrusted microphone, a huge weed plant, a huge joint, a tent jam-packed full of people, and Snoop Dogg doing his thing. So much fun. Also, I think this was the year I finally drank beer?! Hahahaha.

Lowlands 2010
Lowlands 2010

The first year my sister joined the party! Another fun year, but also the year that feels different from the ones before. The festival was immensely popular by this point. And you can see the change in the crowd. I personally, am not a fan of the change, I would take rockers over hipsters any day of the week, even if I look like a hipster myself from time to time.
Highlights I remember to this day: BLINK 182! My 15 year old self could rest in peace, because the dream of finally seeing my all time favourite punk rock band finally came true. I waited in line for hours. I had squished myself between some random dudes so I could be up at the front. I was a proper fangirl and I loved every second of it. Yes they were old, and worn out, and not as good as in their glory years. But I saw them, I heard them, they played all my favourite songs.
Also: Mumford and Sons, such good music, so good live. The most infamous thursday night of them all, of which I remember a few details, and the photos will never ever be put on the internet, let alone a public blog. Watching a bunch of Dutch HipHop artists together with my big sister. Being able to charge your phone. Snow Patrol, goosebumps and dancing. My sister losing her camera in the Kees van Hondt madness, but we got it back safe and sound through the magic that is the internet, people at Lowlands were still pretty awesome.

Lowlands 2011
Lowlands 2011

The first year my daddy joined the party! Yup, your heard that right, my daddy went with us. Slept in a tiny tent and everything. We were such proud daughters ❤
Highlights I remember to this day: Waiting at the barrier with my daddy to watch the Arctic Monkeys. The Arctic Monkeys finally being as awesome live as I always knew they could be. Oh and Alex Turner looking hot as hell with his pompadour. DeWolff, an awesome dutch band. Lot’s and lot’s of bubble gum balloon contests. Elbow, my daddy has the live album that was recorded this evening, so much fun to listen to every now and again. Sleeping on my 3FM blanket, while Seasick Steve was playing his beautiful music. The battle of the Lowlands Daddy’s, won by my daddy, of course.

Lowlands 2012
Lowlands 2012

The first year our friend Merel joined the party! And the hottest Lowlands by far. There was recordbreaking heat this Lowlands. And we all felt it. Badly. Ugh. I have not felt heat like it before, and I hope to god I will not feel heat like it ever again. ‘Lowlands Heat’ is now a saying among my friends. Luckily Lowlands has a lot of shadow and free tapwater.
Highlights I remember to this day: being surrounded by so many of my favourite people while the Foo Fighters played my favourite songs. Yup. Foo Fighters. Again. There is just something about that band. I was already struggling with my health again a year ago, and I needed to see them live so badly, to feel that magical feeling of being in a moshpit, and screaming at the top of your lungs while every around you does the exact same thing. I needed it, and the Foo Fighters delivered it. So good. So many feelz. OH SO MANY FEELZ. And even Merel stayed around at the front the whole time, even though she isn’t even close to being a rock girl. We were so proud of her.
Also; every little drop of water I drank or poured over my body to cool down. Seeing Alt-J perfom at the 3 on stage container. Dancing in the theatre tent before watching Stand Up Comedy. Dave Grohl jumping off stage and stopping in the aisle right where I was standing to head bang while he played guitar, THAT MAN, UGH. Watching a thunder storm in the distance while sitting with everyone at the Alpha hill. Renate having the brilliant idea to bring a little gas stove, so we could make wentelteefjes for breakfast. The lemon-lime coolers from the Oxfam Novib food stand, and making good use of the ice cubes that came with it. James Vincent McMorrow singing his beautiful songs. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes fueling my poppunk heart. My sister scoring me a Foo Fighters playlist, which is now framed and hanging in my bedroom, no jokes.

Oh Lowlands Paradise, I love you so.
Oh Lowlands Paradise, I love you so.

Oi, this post turned out longer than I thought it would. But honestly, I could write a post even longer about each individual Lowlands Year I experienced. It’s a special festival. And it’s no longer the same as it was when I fell in love with it. The people are different. The atmosphere is different. But I can feel my heart ache when I think about the fact that I’m missing this year. Luckily I have oh so many memories to look back on. Lowlands, I love you. Tot volgend jaar.


10 thoughts on “Lowlands Memories

  1. o, Lowlands ❤ Heerlijke post om te lezen, ook al ben ik ondertussen al langer niet dan ik in het totaal wel (drie keer) ben geweest, maar stiekem wil ik nu misschien volgend jaar ook wel weer. Misschien.

    1. Ti’s niet meer hetzelfde als vroeger, maar alsnog ken ik geen ander festival dat er aan kan tippen ^-^ maar dat wil ik wel, andere festivals ontdekken, mede daarom ga ik niet meer naar Lowlands =)

  2. Jaahaa!! Ik mis het elk jaar ook wel een beetje hoor, al ben ik nog maar 2x geweest! Ik heb nog steeds mijn t-shirt uit 2008 (is nu mijn haarverfshirt hahaha!) en ugh de line-up was toen zooo goed EN IK HEB ZOVEEL GOEDE BANDS GEMIST EN ALLES ;__;

    Maar sinds het elke keer meteen uitverkocht is en het echt vechten om een kaartje is, is voor mij de lol er wel een beetje af :/ Maar ooit vast nog een keer 😀

    1. Het vechten om een kaartje vind ik wel leuk ook hoor, haha! Ik vind de mensen die er heen gaan om op Facebook te kunnen zeggen dat ze er waren niet leuk =’)
      En ik heb eeeeelk jaar weer zoooooveel bands gemist, er is zooooveel muziek! Zo irritant =’)

  3. Ik snap het zo! Ik zou vorig jaar niet gaan en kon de kriebels 2 dagen van te voren toch niet beheersen en kocht een kaartje. het werd mijn beste lowlands ever. Maar toch, dit jaar, het voelde anders.
    En wat mooi wat je met je bandjes gedaan hebt ❤

    1. Ja, ik dacht er nog even aan om dit jaar ook een last minute kaartje over te kopen, maar ik houd t nog geen dag vol en dan is t zonde van t geld. Maar t voelt nu wel oke dat ik er niet was, moest er een keer van komen! Haha ^-^
      Idee van de bandjes in een lijstje heb ik weer overgenomen van iemand anders, hihi. Maar zo blij mee, kan ik ze toch elke dag zien =)

      1. Ik weet niet zo goed waarom, maar ik heb wel nog aan je gedacht toen ik daar rondliep. Misschien omdat ik je daar verwachtte, maar ook omdat ik wist dat je niet zou kunnen komen. Wellicht heeft het ook te maken met mijn vermoeidheid van de laatste week.

        Maar zeker een mooi idee om ze zo alsnog iedereen dag te kunnen zien! Ik heb helaas van de jaren dat ik werkte geen echte bandjes 😦 Alleen de service bandjes, dat is toch een gemis 😦 Ik hield ze vroeger om en heb er jaren mee gelopen, maar mijn eczeem werd te erg 😦

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