Count Your Blessings. 11.


There really aren’t any words to describe the feeling of happiness I’m feeling when I think about what happened yesterday.
July 16 I wrote a blog post about my disease and how every day life feels for me. This post inspired my sister to try and help make my life a little more comfortable. What was the one thing missing from my wonderful Amsterdam apartment?! A good couch.
And even though I knew she was raising the money. I figured it would take a few months to get enough for a new couch. But nope. Yesterday she and my daddy surprised me with a brand spanking new couch. Bought with money from some family, some new friends, some old friends, and even some people I have never even met.
I just don’t even know what to say. There really are no words. I feel so blessed, so thankful, so humbled. Thank you Rebekka. Thank you papa. Thank you mama. Thank you every single person who helped pay for this couch. I can finally lay down completely, I can finally relax my leg muscles well while laying on my couch. You have no idea how happy this makes me. So thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you ❤

(want to read even more blessings?! -You can find mine here or visit Anki/Zilverblauw)


6 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings. 11.

  1. Whooaoaaaa wat fijn! Is het een ektorp? Die heb ik namelijk ook ❤ geweldig!
    En ik had geld willen overmaken, maar was het een beetje vergeten 😦 Maar wat fijn dat zoveel mensen wel hebben bijgedragen! ❤

      1. Hij gaat wel enorm pluizen! En als ik me niet vergis, eendendons. Hoop dat dat voor jou geen problemen geeft? Ikzelf moet mijn bank niet verschonen omdat ik dan blijf niezen 😦

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