Count Your Blessings. 10.

The louder you scream how happy you are, the further it is from the truth. This is one of the reasons why I’m no longer counting my blessings each week. I have plenty of them, but I no longer feel the need to share each and everyone I had each week. Positive thinking is something that comes very natural to me. I see the good shine out through the bad in pretty much everything I do. But counting my blessings so publicly started to feel fake. Because not everything is as great as I make it seem. (as you can read here.)

That being said, I do feel that counting my blessings is helping me keep up my positive attitude, and is therefor something I want to continue doing, just not on a regular basis. Just whenever the heck I feel like it, basically. Hahaha.

Well, there’s one blessings that needs some special attention, that’s for sure. The fact that I have THE BEST BIG SISTER EVER IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Dear lord that woman is something special ❤ She's always there for me when I need her, she's crazy as hell, she's beautiful, she's a party girl with a hippie heart, she'll listen, she'll talk. She's basically becoming my best friend, and coming from a childhood where we didn't always see eye-to-eye, this is even more special to me ❤
And now, this crazy beautiful person who happens to be my sister, has started a little fundraising. For me. To get me a new couch.
can you believe it?! I ain’t gonna lie, I cried when I read her comment. Yup. Real tears. On mah cheeks.
And while staying in the truth zone, my current couch sucks so, so much. It’s tiny, it’s old, it’s filthy and covered in stains from previous owners and I don’t even wanna know what caused them. And to get a bigger, better, cleaner, newer one. Well, that would just rock my socks off. And she’s helping me get it. ❤
Rebekka, je bent zo lief, ik hou zo veel van je ❤

Right. Who else needs a tissue right about now?! Phew!
Let's get on to the other, also great, but not as-great, blessings 😉

Making internet-buddies into real life buddies; Fleetwood Mac – Rumours on vinyl; lemonade; my hammock chair; picknicking in the park; reconnecting with friends; teaching myself how to draw flowers; being able to read a book for few minutes; my cuddly kitties who will always make me happy no matter how crappy I feel; swimming in ‘t Twiske; buying a hip grannie-shopping-bag-with-wheels to help me buy groceries; being okay with the fact that I need help sometimes; a new friend offering to help clean my house <3; analogue photography; The Veluwe; my flexible friends and family <3; swimming in the North Sea with the evening sun next to me; the sun, the warmth, the awesome summer weather.

(want to read even more blessings?! -You can find mine here or visit Anki/Zilverblauw)


10 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings. 10.

      1. Jaaa, eigen bank met eigen vlekken! Wij hebben ook een mooie Ikea-bank en we eten alleen met een kleedje eronder, haha.
        Ik lees net op Twitter dat je hem hebt (daarom dacht ik aan deze vraag, stom dat ik een e-mails krijg als je antwoordt) dus veel plezier ermee! Is hij echt wit? Want dan oppassen met gekleurde broeken he! 😀
        (En ik zie nu een checkbox onder aan dit bericht wat ik aan kan zetten als ik een e-mail wil als je reageert, haha)

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