Let’s get this summer started

Today is the first day of my six weeks of summer holiday. (six?! Yes six! Let that sink in, and consider changing career to working in education ;D)
Six weeks of not having to work, six weeks of making my own plans, six weeks of no alarm clock, six weeks of sun (please universe?!), but most importantly six weeks of having fun with friends and family!
Living with a chronic disease, means not always having time to spent with the people you love, cause you need to work to pay rent and all your energy goes into that. But these six weeks will be spent trying to see as many people as possible as have as much fun as possible!
(oh and I’ll be doing rehabilitation at home to improve my concentration and stamina and such, but that’s no fun to blog about ;D)




As if the universe knew my holidays were starting, the weather was awesome today. Which was perfect, because I had a lunch date with one of my oldest/dearest/bestie/bff friends, Renate! We went to Hanneke’s Boom. The perfect place for a summer date ❤



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