Analogue Love: London 2011.

Thank you all so much for the well wishes ❤ My surgery was last thursday, and it sucked. But I'm recovering and getting a little bit better each day. Thank you for all the virtual lovin', here, on instagram, on twitter, on facebook, through text messages, it helped make me feel a bit better, so thank you ❤

Now that I'm housebound after the surgery, I watch a lot of tv shows on my laptop, and when I fall asleep after an episode (which happens a lot, hahaha) my screensaver pops up. And my screensaver is filled with all my analogue photos. I often found myself waking up and looking at the photos for quite some time.
Sometimes I forget about all the nice things I've done, when I had good years with my CFS. And believe me, I made good use of my good years! Thankfully I documented everything as well. So I can relive everything now that I'm having a bad year. Today I want to share some photos of my trip to London with Renate in 2011. We went to see the Foo Fighters play at the Milton Keynes Bowl, which was the best gig EVER. That concert alone deserves it’s own blogpost one day ❤ We stayed in London for a few days after the concert. We went to see some art, walked around Camden, tried not to buy too many pretty things, ate yummy foods. Having both been there before a couple of times, we had no rush to run around and see everything. We could take it easy and do whatever the hell we wanted, haha. It was wonderful.

Tate Modern
Tate Modern
Camden Stables
Camden Stables
That one crossing where I should've taken off my shoes but I forgot cause I was so excited.
That one crossing where I should’ve taken off my shoes but I forgot cause I was so excited.
'The Harry Potter Bridge'
‘The Harry Potter Bridge’

Camera: Agfa Isolette II
Film: No idea… I think I used this one, but I’m not sure…

My love for this glorious city is endless, and I can’t wait to be back there some day soon ❤


4 thoughts on “Analogue Love: London 2011.

  1. Like like like! Super gave foto’s man! vooral de laatste vind ik awesome!
    En grappig dat je naar dat concert ging want M was daar ook en heeft het er ook wel eens over ;D

      1. JAAAAAAA maar ik heb het net gevraagd en hij was er de zondag want toen was Jimmy Eat World en daar is ie ook heel grot fan van 😀 Maar toch ZO COOL haha ik was er zelf niet maar ik vind het nog steeds cool hahaha dat jullie soort-van op dezelfde plek waren BIJNA

  2. Love these photographs! I’ve been to London twice and am crazy about the place. Each part of the city has such a different feel and so much to offer.

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