Count Your Blessings. 9.

blessings 9

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.
But when life starts pissing in the lemonade, it’s pretty hard to stay positive.

My future as a teacher is still challenged because of my illness, which means I might lose everything I’ve worked so hard for the past eight years of my life.
Tomorrow I’m having a surgery to my nose. Which hopefully will make breathing easier, and perhaps even leave me a little less tired because of that. But it also means full anaesthesia, needles, poking, prodding, cutting, chopping. And all other things I prefer not to have done to my body.
And to top it all of. My boyfriend broke up with me last week. Or, now my ex-boyfriend as I should say. For all sorts of reasons which I will not put on the World Wide Web. But it happened, and it sucks.

When it rains, it fucking pours.

So I guess there’s no time like today to focus on the good things in life. And here are some of my blessings from the past couple of weeks. With three special ones first.

– The sun combined with my wonderful balcony, nothing better for my achy muscles than some warm weather. Felt like I could bike for more than five minutes again. Wonderful.
– My dear friends. Listening to me, having tea with me, buying one of my fav pastries for me, hugging me, letting me cuddle their baby, calling me to apologise for not being able to rush to me with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, basically being there for me when I need them most. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of awesome people I have in my life ❤ thank you all, you know who you are ❤
– My family, for being there through thick and thin. So much love. Our groupchat on whatsapp is the best, haha ❤

Game of Thrones Red Wedding Bananza on teh_interwebz; my cuddly kitties; fresh Dutch strawberries; my twitter friends; moving around furniture to help me adjust to the changes in my life right now; re-watching Happy Endings; my coach at work who is equal parts brilliant and hilarious; my flower seeds growing bigger and bigger each day; the Foo Fighters and every single song they've ever made; Julia Stone for singing courage back into my heart; The Hangover 3 + Tuschinski Cinema; Lilian’s cat Drommels, the cutest one-eyed kitty in a cone of shame I’ve ever seen.

I'm thankful for still being able to see the good, despite there being a shitload of bad right now. Even though I'm pretty sure I'm still forgetting heaps and heaps of good things.

PS. If you're not too busy, cross your fingers for me tomorrow when I'm in the hospital, please! Thank you ❤


4 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings. 9.

  1. Hier ook heel veel hugs en positive energy en sterkte, ik hoop dat het goed is gegaan?!? Duim duim duim duim duim.
    Volgens mij zei jij ooit tegen mij dat als het zo diep diep is, dat je dan alleen maar naar boven kunt, toch? [Maar dan 5x meer poëtisch, natuurlijk] Dus dat hoop ik voor je! Maar gelukkig heb je nog PMA en alle fijne dingen die je opnoemt zijn ook hele belangrijke. ❤

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