Count Your Blessings. 8.


Some of the things that made me happy the past few weeks:
A few days of island fun at Vlieland with my besties and boyfriend; being able to rent an electronic bike, which allowed me to bike around Vlieland; lots of cups of tea; the boyfriend in Holland for a week; the last Queensday; our new Dutch king; my Tony Bennett LP; a photo afternoon in Brussels with my dad and sister; drawing; the beach at Vlieland; finding a pretty little vase at a thrift shop; blossom trees; Iron Man 3/movie dates with my sister; using one of my vintage cameras for the first time & using a 127 film for the first time; my Oma filling up her cookie jar; growing plants from seeds for the first time in my life; my kitties for nearly cuddling me to death; celebrating my 28-and-a-half birthday with some dear friends; my homemade lemon meringue pie; lord of the rings; yoga.


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