New things and kitties

Let my kitties welcome you to a slightly altered blog!

It’s not yet exactly how I want it to be, but it’s nice for now.
During the creation of the drawings I was rediscovering long lost hobbies. And while making everything digital I had a confrontational moment where I realised my computer/photoshop skills are not up to scratch. At all.
That and I’m still bumming out by using a free wordpress theme, which means I can’t alter everything I want.
But since I’m having fun with this blog, I guess it’s about time to start investing in a domain name and such.

To be continued… ❀

(plus, there aren’t that many posts atm, partly because I’m currently without a decent digital camera, which means all the photos are taken with my iPhone5. Which is awesome, but not the best at taking crystal clear pictures. I’ll make up for it later, I promise ;D)


6 thoughts on “New things and kitties

  1. Ik vind dat je je blog nog behoorlijk hebt gecustomized! Ik zou het zelf zonde vinden om er geld in te steken wanneer je iets moois en functioneels hebt. Ik weet niet hoeveel het je zal kosten per maand, het zal vast meevallen, maar toch πŸ™‚

      1. Nee klopt, snap het ook wel!
        Maar ik ben zo bewust geld aan het besparen dat ik dit in mijn situatie overbodig zal vinden πŸ™‚ maar snap zeker dat het wel wat toevoegd πŸ™‚

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