Count Your Blessings. 7.

Count Your Blessings 7

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve counted my blessings. But not because there were no blessings to be counted thankfully. Here are my latest blessings, see if you can guess the theme of last week 😉

The boyfriend coming over to Holland for a week; waking up next to the boyfriend; making fruit bowls with the boyfriend; going into the city with the boyfriend; watching the boyfriend play with my cats; eating danerolls with the boyfriend; watching friends dvd’s with the boyfriend; the boyfriend ordering in pizza when I was to sick to do anything; drinking cups of tea while the boyfriend drinks cups of coffee; going to Burgers’ Zoo with mommy, daddy, sis and… the boyfriend.

Well. Yeah. So. The boyfriend was in Holland for a week. And that makes me a very happy camper. Can you blame me?!?! But offcourse, there were non-boyfriend related blessings as well.

Buying tickets to a small, cozy, spring festival at Vlieland with my besties (oh yes, and the boyfriend will go there as well, ehehe); working with kids again for a few hours each week instead of copying and laminating things; becoming a little more at peace with this whole ‘chronic-illness-business’ (which will get it’s own blog post in a short time); the song Tender by Blur; buying myself pretty new dresses to cheer me up; discovering the awesomeness that is LinePlay; taking Sjonnie out for a walk on the balcony; seeing Oz in my favourite cinema with my sister and the boyfriend (hey, there he is again!); meeting Teun, the latest member to be added to our growing family; seeing a capybara and a manatee going for a swim together at the Zoo; being able to rent a wheelchair, so I could go to the zoo; having dinner at ‘het puntjesrestaurant’, the ultimate nostalgic experience; having divorced parents who are so incredibly cool that they can go to the zoo together with us, this really is the biggest blessing of them all I think. Thank you mommy and daddy for being so incredibly, ridiciously awesome ❤

(want to read even more blessings?! -You can find mine here or visit Anki/Zilverblauw)


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