Veggie Out-Of-Season-Pumpkin Burgers

I can hear you thinking “A pumpkin recepy in march?! Whutwhutwhut?!” And you’re absolutely right, it’s not really the pumpkin season. But when I saw the supermarket had these cute little pumpkins I just couldn’t resist to try out this recipe!

Grocery list

– 500g pumpkin
– 55g hazelnuts
– 5 slices of bread
– 1/2 table spoon of curry paste (or use more if you like it spicey!)
– teaspoon of salt
– a good hand full of finely chopped coriander
– 2 beaten eggs

– oil for baking

Kitchen supplies
– kitchen scale
– kitchen machine with the grading supplies and the mixing supplies
– bowl
– knife
– cutting board
– little bowl + fork to beat the eggs
– stove + pan
I love eating pumpkins, but I hate the cutting of pumpkins...
I love the eating of pumpkins, but I hate the cutting of pumpkins…

1) Cut the pumpkin in half, get the seeds out. Cut the pumpkin in slices and take of the skin.
2) Grate the pumpkin slices with your kitchen machine. Or, if you’re feeling like torturing yourself; use a hand grater.
3) Pat youself on the back for the hard work, the pumpkin horror is now over.
4) Roast your hazelnuts in a dry pan and chop them finely. Crumble your bread in your kitchen machine and add the chopped hazelnuts.
5) Stir the curry paste, salt and coriander in the bread mixture.
6) Add the bread mixture to the pumpkin and throw the eggs in while you’re at it.
7) Mix and knead everything together and put the mixture in the fridge to cool down for about 30 minutes.
8) clean up the mess you made in your kitchen so far.
9) Take bits of the mixture and turn it into whatever shapes you want.
10) Bake the burgers in oil for 10-12 minutes.
11) ENJOY!

Handy little thing
Handy little thing

I made oval burgers, little balls and round burgers.
I made some burgers oval, because I had bought yummy oval buns to go with the burgers. The little balls I made to have with some rice and veggies some day. Seemed like a good combination to me.
Obviously I made way too much for just one person, but this is why I have a freezer. Ah yeah.


The burgers turned out SO yummy! The coriander, the hazelnut, the pumpkin, ZOMG awesome combinations!
I’m digging this ‘eating healthy and making things from scratch’ thing I’m trying out since a few months. Feels good to know what you’re eating, instead of the pre-made store bought vegetarian burgers! Don’t get me wrong, I do not have the energy to cook all homemade food every day unfortunately. But I try it as much as I can.
Ideally I would’ve had this with homemade bread… But I’m taking it one step at a time.

The only downside to this recipe is the eggs. I’m not a vegan, but I’m trying out vegan cooking more and more. It seems like there should be an easy substitute for the eggs in this recipe. Any of you vegans out there got a good suggestion for me!? I’d love to hear your ideas to make this recipe completely animal-free!

Burger and cucumber fries.
Burger and cucumber fries. Blurry because I was hungry. Obviously.

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