It’s the inevitable return of the great white dope



It’s ironic really, how my last post was about my love of flying, and here I am. Too tired to even update my blog, from all the flying I’ve been doing.

Flying four times in eleven days is apparently too much for a body with both asthma and CFS/ME! Who knew?!? 😉

But as I say a lot when I’m exhausted from life, it was totally worth it ❤

I went to Egypt. I went to places where the ancient pharaohs once walked. Heck, I went to the place where the ancient pharaohs are buried! I saw little colourful fishies swimming in the sea. I spent time with my amazing boyfriend and his wonderful family. The amazing boyfriend was offered ten million camels and five chickens in exchange for me. I ate yummy Lebanese food. I had pizza and French fries for lunch. I went to a Hard Rock Cafe I’d never been before. (new shot glass for the collection! Oh yeah) I watched Jerry Maguire with Arabic subtitles in the hotel room. I paid waaaaayyyy too much money for souvenirs. I had the best time ❤

But now I’m still recovering. And the cold from hell that followed the holiday is not helping. But I’ll be fine, and I’ll be back. ❤

+ ten points to who ever is first to recognise the title of this post ;D ❤


4 thoughts on “It’s the inevitable return of the great white dope

  1. No points for me. But those pictures are lovely and it sounds like you had an aaaamaaaazing time!!! I’m super jealous. Although I hope you get well soon ♡ ♡ ♡

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