Black and White Bos en Lommer


I had a filmroll developed last week, and it’s full of random things from december and january. The best kind of film roll if you ask me, because I had forgotten what my first few photos even were.
Unfortunately the idiot-people at hema didn’t understand my “please put the photos on a cd as well” request. Which means I had to scan in the photos myself. And my scanner is old and tired and doesn’t provide me with the best scans. So please excuse the crappy quality…

Foggy Bos en Lommer
Foggy Bos en Lommer

All photos taken with my Olympus OM-1, with a fomapan 200/36 film.
My favourite camera, with a type of film I had never used before.
Not my favourite iso, and definitely not my favourite go-to black and white film from now on. Very fragile, and in some of the later photos on the roll there are some lightflares and such. Things I’ve never had with this camera before. Think I’ll try some ilford next time, or does anyone have good advice on good black and white film?!

These are a few shots from foggy Bos en Lommer last december.
I love the eery look fog and black and white give.

I’ll share some of the rest of the film some other time ❤


7 thoughts on “Black and White Bos en Lommer

  1. My dad bought an OM-1 around the time I was born (40 years ago this year). Some years ago, he gave it to my wife, because he didn’t use it anymore and she was doing all sorts of things with analog photography at the time.
    She had it cleaned up and made light-tight again, and made quite a few nice pictures with it. The only thing that could not be repaired was the built-in light meter: that’s done with a pair of cloth wires with specific properties. Since the OM-1 hasn’t been made for quite some time now, the wires you do find are as old as the cameras themselves — so once they wear out, you’ll be out of the light meter.

    1. Ik heb m’n OM-1 van m’n opa geërfd =)

      Tot nu toe is dit één van de laatste camera’s met werkende lichtmeter die ik heb. Hopen dat hij het nog een aantal jaren volhoudt!

  2. Wij deden altijd T-Max 400 gebruiken, ik heb een keer met mijn domme kop een T-max niet 400 [maar ander iso nummer] gedaan… nu onthou ik wel dat het 400 is haha. Kijk wij gebruikten allemaal dezelfde ontwikkel-materialen en iedereen wist precies welke tijden ze moesten gebruiken en welke graden maar als je toch niet zelf ontwikkelt maakt dat niet uit of course 😛 MAAARRRR dat terzijde is het echt wel heul heul goede zwart wit film.
    zo ziet dat eruit.

    PS toch vind ik je foto’s tof hoor! YAY FILM ♡ en bovenste is ♡ ♡ ♡

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