Buttercream Cake Fun Time.

Baking is one of my favourite things to do in my kitchen and I often find inspiration for pies and cakes looking through my baking books and surfing the web. I love the beautiful cakes and little fun cupcakes you can find everywhere. A cake I saw on tumblr a while back was the inspiration for today’s experiment.

I started by baking the cake
I started by baking the cake

I bake cakes the way my mommy tought me.
200gr butter, 200gr sugar, mixed together. Four eggs, mixed in one at a time. And 200gr flower with baking powder. 60 minutes at 175degrees. Easypeasy, super delicious.
Today I added some green food colouring. Cause coloured cake is the best cake.

Then it was time to make the cream. Something I hadn’t done before.
So I decided to experiment with two different recipes I had found, to see which one I liked best to use more in the future.


– 300 gram icing sugar
– 120 gram butter
– pink food colouring
– a few drops of water

I added a little water, cause for some reason I was unable to make a nice smooth paste without it. The few drops of water worked their magic. Providing me with a smooth paste.
I decided to add some glitter as well, which unfortunately didn’t really show in the final result.


– 300 gram icing sugar
– 2 tablespoons of creamcheese
– orange food colouring

This was muuuuuuccchhhh easier to make into a smooth paste. No drops of water needed.

A little trick I learned from tv, put your piping bag in a measuring cup for easypeasy piping bag filling fun!
A little trick I learned from tv, put your piping bag in a measuring cup for easypeasy piping bag filling fun!

I cut my big cake into two small cakes, which allowed me to have one cake for each cream. All the leftover bits of cake are now frozen in my freezer for a cake-snack-craving I might have some day, heck yeah.

Pipe away!
Let the cream experiment begin!

The buttercream/pink one, was perfect for piping, it stayed firm and in shape while I was trying my best to make little roses. It was easy to handle, and the result was better than I expected.
The creamcheese/orange one, was not so perfect… My hands heated the cheese, which made it too runny to make any pretty things with it. I made it into a little spikey cake, which ended up looking okay, but it didn’t stick to the cake as much as I would have liked.
Can you guess which one I would use again in the future?!?! 😉


Wait what. Did I do this?! Did I make this glorious beautiful pink rose cake?! WHUTWHUTWHUT?!

So yeah.
I am Very Happy with the results! Even the orange spikey cake looks much cuter than I thought it would while I was fumbling about with the creamcheese.
I hope I’m going to make many more pretty cakes with the buttercream from now on! Hurra!


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