Count Your Blessings. 3.

Blue Monday. A good day to think about the good things that happened last week!

Although this week had its fair share of bad things as well. It’s good to focus on the positive. Even though overal the week might give a less than positive vibe, it’s astonishing to realise how many blessings there still are to count.

SNOW, SNOW, GLORIOUS SNOW! This weeks biggest plus for me, was definitely the white blanket that now lies all over my beautiful city, making it even more beautiful than it was before ❤

Making yummy smoothies; hearing I’m doing things right; even though I’m still sick, I’m staying positive; two-for-one flowers; my comfy warm snowboots; not needing to travel by train with this snow; having loads of candles lit every evening; working a little more and therefore feeling more part of the normal society; getting my shots for my upcoming holiday to Egypt (I was not loving the shots, but loving the idea of my holiday being so close!); criminal minds s6; skyping with the boyfriend and buying another ticket to Sweden; lots and lots of tea; my friends coming over for lunch and laughs; dinner at wagamama with mommy and Judith; my kitties.


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