Count your blessings. 1.

One of the main reasons for starting this blog was to help me focus on the things in my life still worth writing about. The things I love to do, the people I care about, the overall happiness that life still brings me.
So what could fit better than this crazy awesome blog trend of counting ones blessings.
I have enjoyed many other people’s entries with this theme, so it seems only natural to add it to my own blog as well.
(Count your blessings was started by the lovely Anki, check her blog for more blessings!)

This week’s blessings:
Showing my mommy beautiful snowy Sweden; celebrating New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend, mother and new friends; snow; pretty skies; my wonderful swedish friends; fika; dill chips; klm flying to Linnköping; coming home to my lovely kitties; my mommy, daddy and sister; the song ‘everyday’ by Buddy Holly; my new Swedish table; New Years drinks with my wonderful family; my cousins all making awesome babies; my onesie.


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