I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I just really hate plants.

Despite what this blog title says, I did stop eating meat because of my love for animals. Learning about how we treat our animals, the junk we feed them, the hormones they recieve, the constant cruelty. I couldn’t bare to be a part of that anymore. So I decided to stop eating meat. (dutchies looking for more info on animal rights etc. Check these awesome people out.)
Having only been a vegetarian since last may, I’m pretty new to this. But I must say, it comes so easy. I have absolutely no problem with not eating any meat anymore. The idea of eating a dead animal is starting to freak me out more and more to be honest.

But sometimes you still want something that resembles the taste of meat. I’ve heard people talk about that being hypocritical. To them I say, GOOD DAY SIR. I SAID, GOOD DAY!
One thing I sometimes miss is a good meatball. Veggie balls can be tasty, but its never the same.
UNTIL NOW! Hahaha.
My mommy got me an awesome vegan cookbook for my birthday, and the first recipe I tried was for these vegan meatballs. The main ingredient is bread. Which seemed really weird, but it turns out very delicious!

All this turn into veggie meatballs. Can you imagine.
 All this turn into veggie meatballs. Can you imagine.
– 7 leaves of whole weat bread
– 1 medium onion, peeled and chopped
– 1 clove of garlic, peeled and chopped finely
– a splash of soy milk (I didn’t have any, so I used water instead)
– a good splash of olive oil
– a handfull of parsley, chopped
– nutmeg (best is to use fresh graded nutmeg, I had the powder, works fine for me)
– ground pepper
– 2 teaspoons of marmite
Kitchen supplies:
– Kitchen machine, with a good knife
– Pan

1) Put all the bread in the machine and grind it to fine crumbs.
2) add the onion and the garlic and mix together.
3) add the parsley, marmite, oil and soymilk (or water if you’re me)
4) add a good amount of seasoning (nutmeg, pepper) to your taste.
5) Grab bits of the mixture and make them into little balls (Too dry?! Add milk/water. Too wet?! Add bread)
You should be able to make around 12 little balls of this amount of bread.
6) Bake them in the pan with oil/butter till they’re brown and delicious.
Beware! They burn easily, keep rolling them around, and keep your eye on them!

Mix it all together!
Mix it all together!

Enjoy them as a snack with some sauce, or with your dinner. I had them with some fries and homemade ‘appelmoes
I was surprised with the taste and the texture. They were the closest to old fashioned dutch meat balls I’ve had so far. (but as I said, I’m new to this, lot’s to learn!)
They are quite filling though, so I advice you not to eat too many!
(Luckily they’re perfect for freezing, to save for some other time!)

Bakey Bakey
Bakey Bakey

4 thoughts on “I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I just really hate plants.

      1. Ik heb hem trouwens gemaakt (met ketjap ipv marmite want die hadden ze niet meer in de AH) en het was echt SUPER lekker! Bedankt! 😀

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