In a hole in the ground

Gandalf bid us a warm welcome

Earlier this week, me and my dad were one of the people crazy enough to go to the cinema in the middle of the night. Because it was time for something we had been waiting for, for a long time. It was time for the first showing of The Hobbit; an unexpected journey.
At 00.12 (on 12-12-12, how nicely done by the cinema) it started. And a good three hours later it ended.
I won’t say too much. I know a lot of people still have to see it, and spoilers is the worst thing to put on a blog. But I will say that I loved it.
The music, the images, the characters, the story. One big pile of love all rolled into one awesome movie.
Being a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings, both the movies and the books, this was to be expected. However I do have to add, that even though I loved it, I also have some mixed emotions regarding the film.

These mixed emotions were present before I even saw the movie. Cause this summer they announced that The Hobbit will be made into three instead of two movies. Three movies. Three movies from that little book, The Hobbit. While The Lord of the Rings, an epic awesome huge book, also got three movies.
Sure, LotR missed some characters, and parts of the story had to be changed to fit the limited time they had to tell the story. But they made it work. They managed to make it work really well.
Why not give The Hobbit the same treatment Peter Jackson? Why add characters from LotR to The Hobbit?! (hey there spoiler!) Why take so much time in the movie to tell everyone’s tale. Why make the whole story so long, that only real Tolkien fans will apreciate some story lines?

Why three movies, dear god, why?! Is it money?! Is it getting as much as you can from the huge fan following that comes with a story related to LotR? Or is it that you want to tell everything? Every page from that little book? Because you finally can, because the success of the LotR gives you that money and that power?
Press statements claim that last option, while most critics of the LotR franchise claim the first.
Not sure which I believe. But either way, if I can, I’ll go to a midnight screening again for the next two. Because the movie was beautiful, and all of Tolkiens tales deserve as much movies as anyone can give them.

And because I can’t wait to see that goddamn dragon.

with that, I leave you not with stills from the movie, but with some photos of one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world.






2 thoughts on “In a hole in the ground

  1. Ik vond de film juist enorm teleurstellend.. 😦 Ik had er ook enorm naar uitgekeken (en mijn verwachtingen waren ook misschien té hoog). Maar ik vond het verhaal erg vlak. Ook veel characters kwamen niet echt aan bod (vooral groot deel van de dwergen & Thranduil). Het was voor mij teveel actie en gedoe achter elkaar, en weinig karakterontwikkeling. Ik had geen empathie voor de dwergen bijvoorbeeld. Bij het zoveelste gevecht dat ik: “Ach, ze zullen alle 13 toch wel blijven leven”. Terwijl ik bij de LOTR echt op het puntje van m’n stoel zat.

    De enige momenten waarin ik een brok in m’n keel kreeg, was de scène met (een levensechte) Gollum en de adelaars. Prachtige beelden!! Misschien moet ik ‘m binnenkort nog maar een keer kijken, hopelijk ben ik dan wat milder, haha 🙂

    1. Ja, ik neem aan dat de dwergen in de volgende film wel beter aan bod komen idd! Als dat niet zo is, zou het wel echt heel jammer zijn =(
      Maar over het algemeen vond ik hem gewoon echt prachtig om te zien, en hield ik er een heel blij gevoel aan over ^-^

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