Dan Mangan Appreciation Post.

I’m not a music critic, nowhere near it, so don’t think that with this new category of ‘gigs’ I’m going to try and be one.
But I do love music. It is one of my favourite things in the world. Mainly listening or dancing to it. So going to concerts is a perfect thing for me to do. And this past monday I went to see Dan Mangan in de Melkweg.


I saw Dan Mangan a few years ago as an opening act for Laura Jansen. It was one of those rare shows, when the opening act is more impressive than the main. Just him and his guitar, with his beautiful songs and his cute little jokes in between songs. Yup, don’t tell the boyfriend. But from that time I had a little crush on the guy. I remember that first time he played ‘Basket’, gave me goosebumps. And ‘Robots’ made every one in the audience sing along with him. Not bad for an opening act.
About a year ago I took my daddy and sister along with me when he played at the Paradiso. They probably didn’t leave there with a little crush like I had after my first time, but they liked him all the same. My daddy even liked it enough to join me again when he played the Melkweg this week.

This evenings show was nice and relaxed. No setlist, they played the songs they felt like playing at the time. Which led to ‘Robots’ being played somewhere in between the show instead of leaving it for the last one.
Dan talked a lot, something he even talked about during the show, haha. But he’s one of those artists where it’s not an annoyance. It just adds a little personal touch to the show.

Dan Mangan and Band at Melkweg

A good selection of songs from his albums was played. I would’ve loved it if ‘The Indie Queens are Waiting’ would’be been played as well. But hey, you can’t blame a band for not playing all the songs from three albums in one evening.

Okay, I should try to not make this an “OMGZ DAN MANGAN IS SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME” blog. I have to be honest and say that the band and Dan seemed to be a little tired. It was nice to see a relaxed show without a setlist. But they just seemed to not really know what they were doing sometimes. It was a show in the middle of their tour, they talked about just having had two days of for the first time in a while. And it showed. It wasn’t that the songs weren’t played well, or that there was no connection with the audience. They just didn’t have that ‘je ne sais quoi’ they had the last few times I saw them.

All is forgiven though. Because they still make beautiful and fun songs, and the combination of beauty and fun works very well with Dan Mangan and his band. Very well indeed.

Wobbly video I took of one of my favourite songs.

Sidenote: for the people who have been paying attention and have heard me talk about having chronic fatigue syndrome (nice job if you did! ;D) On a psychical note this gig sucked for me, because of the pain I had to endure while standing up. And the extreme fatigue that followed it. Worth it though. Heck Yeah.


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