Say Cheese!

This is my family. My uncle, my grandfather, my aunt, my daddy and my beautiful grandmother.
Apparently my grandfather loved taking pictures. And some of his favourite were the ‘casual’ photos he took with the selftimer button. I don’t have all of the old photos of that time, but I have seen plenty of these ‘casual’ ones. And I just love them.
The way my grandfather tries to look relaxed while everyone else is trying not to break out in laughter. It’s such a cute, intimate, family tradition. I love it ❤

Unfortunately my grandparents from my fathers side have both passed away.
But I did inherited almost all of their old cameras. I'm not an awesome photographer. But I just love using these old cameras to capture my memories. Cause they captured my family's memories before me.

This has turned into a little obsession. A little camera obsession. Every flea market, every secondhand shop, I scan the place for nice looking cameras. This had led to people giving me their old cameras, sometimes with their own amazing family stories behind it. It makes me feel so special if people are willing to give their family heirlooms to me.
The other day I gave all my cameras a place on a shelf in my home. They're all together now for the first time. And they look so pretty ❤

Some day soon I’ll make a post showing some of the pictures I took with these babies. Heck yeah.


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