A monday morning in Amsterdam

A monday morning I spent visiting the Noordermarkt. A huge flea market that takes place every monday morning in one of my favourite parts of Amsterdam, the Jordaan.
Being a lover of all things old, it’s a wonder I had never been to the Noordermarkt before. Especially when you consider the fact I’ve lived close to, or in, Amsterdam all my life. This morning I decided was the perfect morning to go there for the first time. So I put my camera in my bag and got on the bus to the city centre.

It was a beautiful autumn morning. The sun was shining, it was a perfect cold autumn day.
Unfortunately this meant I was not the only person who decided to go to the Noordermarkt…
You can tell the Noordermarkt is a famous fleamarket. I probably heard every dutch accent we have (and we have quite a few) not to mention all the different languages from all over the world. Some sellers even adressed me in English, thinking I was one of the many tourists. I blame the camera prominently placed around my neck for this.
When I spoke dutch to them prices dropped automatically though…

Despite prices dropping after realising I was not a tourist. It was still a pretty expensive flea market. I have gotten used to second hand shop and Swedish Loppis prices. Perhaps I’m spoiled, but I just don’t want to pay a lot for second hand things. I guess that’s what happens when a place like this get’s famous.
Some stands had beautiful antique things, which is well worth the money they ask for it. But for example five euros for a tin is just not a realistic price if you ask me.
Don’t let the prices bring you down though. If you bring some money, you can buy the most amazing things here. Or just bring a camera and take pictures of it, like I did.

The Noordermarkt is a lovely place to search for treasure. Or to just walk around and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the people. Two things I really love to do on a day like this.
After my visit I walked a little into the city to have some tea, warm up, and admire my one purchase of the day.


One thought on “A monday morning in Amsterdam

  1. Mmmmm ja de noordermarkt ❤ de laatste tijd wel een beetje te druk voor mijn liking 😦 ga ik heel gek en paniekerig van doen haha.
    En leuk! Een blog! Ik volg jeeee!

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